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Welcome to Puddletown Organics  "When it rains, we got strains!"

We are locally owned and operated by friendly and knowledgeable staff, and stock products from local growers and vendors.  Come on in and see Portland's BEST SELECTION in our spacious and comfortable showroom! Flowers, concentrates, medibles, topicals, tinctures and more!
FIRST TIME PATIENTS RECEIVE A FREE GRAM OF FLOWER WITH PURCHASE!!! At this time we are CASH only. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Other Reviews

The people were nice and friendly and seem to care about how we feel and everyone's well being, although, the options presented are weak, and look even weaker when you get home to say the least. This comment is not about the service, or the fine individuals that helped me. It's about the pot, which is why we're all here, isn't it? When I brought the quarter home and dumped it out, it had mold and smelled like moldy trash which was a vastly different experience from what it appeared like in the top of the jar at the store. Since I couldn't touch the bud first I had no idea it had the weakest stems I'd ever seen, or that it was moldy. Now, I'm not entirely sure how wise a choice this was, but I wanted to give some of the more decent looking bits a shot.. Smoking it made me feel sick, like moderate nausea mixed with increased heart rate while feeling no beneficial effects whatsoever, and the desire to hang around the toilet or a sink just in case of something.. When calling Puddletown, Josh responded saying that I personally: should have spent more time looking, should be more skilled at picking out weed, That Josh personally would not purchase, or attempt to obtain on any level, the very products he intends to solicit to us, And, finally, that as the solution I should just mix the moldy weed, of such poor quality that I threw away and wouldn't even make edibles with, into some other weed and smoke it that way.... The last thing he said was that the next time I come in, to ask for him and he will help me get pot that's actually good enough to smoke. I'm left speechless, heartset on never returning here again, and currently on my way to somewhere without moldy buds, and options that are all actually safe ingest. I used to come here weekly, or more, up until a month ago, I went back today to learn a $30 lesson and to, apparently willingfully, obtain a hazardous contagion and toxic waste that I must carefully dispose of. Thanks Josh, but no discount or personal care would make a product that's not as advertised worth being duped on. Had I known I was purchasing something Josh, the manager, himself wouldn't even smoke, or just the fact it was moldy, I would have left the store. What happened to cannabis being cured properly, for long enough, and being harvested correctly? You know what else Josh said? I asked him why he would have it on the shelf, if he wouldn't even smoke it? He said he doesn't make the purchases. Does that sound like it would make it okay to you? I suppose that speechless would actually have been the nicer, for everyone, than this earful. Buying cannabis at Puddletown Organics: half-a-star.
in the last week
Full spectrum RSO is only thing that puts my crohn’s inflammation flareup into remission. Fixes me right up, after three days, of 2x a day, rice size drops. I’ve shopped around and Puddletown seems to have the best price and staff are nice #blessed
3 weeks ago
I have been at puddletown since the doors opened and I've never been treated so rudely as I have been today I think they need a little bit undercover Boss to realize how some of the customers feel
a month ago
This used to be our go-to but lately they haven't had the decent product we are used to. Haven't been back in several weeks. Hope they get it back to how it used to be
2 months ago
Update 8/08/19: This place is not that great anymore, flower wise anyways. Been looking for a new regular place to shop. This place is great. They weigh the flower in front of you, most of the staff is super friendly, helpful and patient. You can get a good quality ounce for a great price, plus if you go in within 2 hours of open time you get a 10% discount! Sure the neighborhood it's located in isn't beautiful or great but who cares when you're getting a great deal and good service.
3 months ago

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