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We are a medical and recreational cannabis collective in Portland, Oregon.  Our shop is fully stock carrying a wide variety and selection of medical cannabis, edibles, concentrates (hash, melts, bubbles), tinctures, and clones.  Progressive Collective's mission is to provide our customers with the best customer experience and selections of cannabis products. Our customers have awarded our dispensary with having the "Best Clone Selection in Portland". We thank all of you for your support and feedback. We are honored to continue helping our medical patients and recreational users. Thank you for your support and we welcome your inputs in order to better serve you.

There's no membership or door fees. Always a large variety of cannabis products to fit every budget and need.  10% OFF for Seniors, Disabled Members, SSI, Medicare and Veterans, with proper documentation. Includes ounces!


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Other Reviews

Love this place! Always have great deals and great service!
This place is a joke mainly for dealing with "BARNEYS FARMS"! Clearly they are selling said clones under the names "gorilla glue", "Platinum Girl Scout Cookies", "Trainwreck" and "Sour Diesel"! These genetics are garbage! I purchased not once but twice and both times turned out to be bunk plants. The reason this will happen is because the breeder(person breeding and cloning these mothers) is taking cuttings from plants that are clearly unstable and not seen flower. If they had they would know that the cuttings they are selling to the public are not only "phony" but they are no good! I flowered all of these plants and not one of them was remotely appealing! I know many will say the grower holds the keys but trust me, I am a tried a true cannabis grower. Ever since this experience I have been using only top knotch genetics coming from seed from only the best breeders on the west coast! I only want others to know how many months of time I wasted growing these out not to mention the countless dollars in energy and soil+nutrients, this all is wasted because of irresponsible people in the industry! Because of this place I will never grow another clone again unless I have seen that same plant in flower. I use only beans now and I will never go back! I have had great luck in my pheno hunt, you should too! Good luck and dont waste your time here!!
The BEST place for buds! The nicest people, best prices, best discounts, best selection, best clones, best service, best....everything!!! You can't get better than Prog.
As a medical patient on a budget it's generally hard to find the medicine I need at a good price. Well I find it here. Great quality, great prices, and awesome customer service. They are always willing to laugh and joke, even give info on the products and more. I'm a constant regular and swear by getting my medicine at progressive collective, and have been buying for years from the shop.
My doctor recommended finding a good dispensary with knowledge to help me with my medical issues. Progressive Collective has very helpful and friendly bud tenders, who listened and advised me on what would be best for my specific personal needs. In addition to being the cleanest and friendliest dispensary I've ever visited (and they are all pretty friendly, I must say), they are by far the most willing to find discounts for me! They have daily specials, and are really interested in helping me get the results I need. If you have any questions about ANYthing related to the industry, medical benefits, or recreational suggestions, these are the people to ask. I love this neighborhood, locally owned and operated business! Can't say enough nice things - check them out!

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