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This place is the spot in NOPO to go if you want that good weed, great deals, great people, and an amazing atmosphere.
a month ago
Great prices and friendly staff. I appreciate their attention to good customer service. Always greeted with a smile and leave with a deal. I like a good flower selection and thank you to mgmt for hearing me when the selection was low. I will keep coming back!
2 months ago
I wasn't going to publicly review this place, as I don't like to participate in the pot culture much. But Portland Pot Shop has, apparently, gotten into a brand of their own shatter cartridges. And they call it "live resin" as a proprietary method of extraction, which is intended to give a more "full-plant" experience to the high, used specifically with fresh-frozen whole plant. Trying "Gelato Sherbet," yep, that's right, it's true. It only rates in the sixties for percent THC, and under ten percent additional canibanoids (diddly for CBD). Lotsa terpenes though, piney and flavorful, reminiscent of a good, iced, bong hit of sticky icky. And a different, imo better, high than traditional green crack. It compares somewhat to Sage OG, but the high is fuller, more body-high, and less intense. I write this August of twenty-nineteen, so the information will not stay timely. But this is such a craft niche, as of now, who will hear in the larger venues, if no-one speaks up in the reviews? As a cut above, it deserves note.
3 months ago
(Medical patient) The budtenders are mean, uneducated, I really couldn’t understand what was wrong with them when you walk into a medical facility you are supposed to feel comfortable and walk out with medicine at this particular facility the service was really bad quality of the flowers overpriced, You can really tell the owners were just out to run a business and make a few bucks, Please step it up and put some passion behind your business. Thank You
3 months ago
Happened a few months ago, and I'm only posting because this because I was asked by friends to share this. I no longer shop here, but I used to stop by once a month or so every time I came down from Seattle. The last time I was in, I was asked to leave my bag at the front desk but the caucasian woman in line behind me with the same size bag was allowed to take hers into the back room. When I asked why, I was told that it was because there had been several thefts involving people with larger purses. Maybe he meant that to sound differently than it came off, but I'm not going to shop somewhere where I'm accused of theft before I even walk in the door. I'm really shocked and hurt that in 2019 I'm still being judged by my skin color.
4 months ago

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