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Portland Extracts is a Medical Cannabis Dispensary and  Extraction Services Company located at 2123 SE Division St. in Portland, Oregon. There are no membership or door fees charged to our patients. We strive to offer the highest level of patient services and care by providing a safe, clean and relaxing environment for O.M.M.P. patients.  We carry a variety of strains, concentrates and edibles to meet your medicating needs.  Please feel free to contact us with questions or just drop on by.


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Other Reviews

Slow rude service. I'm sticking to Brothers Cannabis instead
This is the closest dispensary to my house and I will walk 20 mins out of my way somewhere better. Every time I go in I feel like I'm bugging the people working. I'm an easy customer, I buy a gram of two things and that's it. I went in a few months ago and threw down $60+ and when I got home my quarter container was empty. No one had even put weed in it... I feel like a dumbass when I ask questions, employees are talking on their phones while I'm waiting or having super awesome conversations with the other people working (? I can't tell if they're just homies hanging out or actual employees) Two half gram pre-rolls for almost $20, nah doggy. The weed is fine, but come on. So many other dispensaries in Portland :/
The store has re-opened with new products and reasonable prices.
The product looked like it had been been handled/shaken off, was expensive, had a stale smell to it, and had been sitting around for 4 or 5 months. Worst purchase Ive made in probably my whole life.
Don't be fooled by there sign. If you are a regular Joe growing your 4 plants. Harvest said plants and take said plants to them and say "please make me some oil from this" they won't do it. They only serve the registered OLCC elites.

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