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Whether going for a walk on the Eastbank Esplanade or checking out a Blazer’s game, the Oregon’s Finest Convention Center location is right here for all your recreational and medicinal cannabis needs. This neighborhood serves as a central hub uniting all the major quadrants of Portland.


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Came here a few weeks back with my wife. We hadn't smoked weed since we were kids and it was our first time in a dispensary. A sweet young lady helped us browse and provided great service. At checkout, a larger woman with brown hair and tattoos appeared behind the counter with the other employees. She was loudly saying so many profane words to the point that it made my wife and I feel awkward. It was a shame to end on that note after experiencing the rest of the customer service. I felt bad for the rest of the people trying to shop and work. We rushed out. Edit- Called the store and gave a discription. Turns out it was the store manager, Jessica. Dropping from 3 stars to 2 because she should know better. Disappointing. From reading the other comments, she needs to a wakeup call.
in the last week
One star for the management's bad decision, completely DISREGARING THE NEEDS OF ELDER! I appreciate the overall cost savings and sustainability of iPad type menus, but to not have a few paper copy whatsoever is to disregard the needs a very large base of people. When I pointed this out, I was told it was the manager's final decision even after several employees discussed the same and are hearing others who simply don't like to use computers.
a week ago
Twice I have stopped by this place only to wait in lobby for 15+ without anyone acknowledging me. No, "hello" , "be right with you". Don't know about quality, got a good look at the menu while I was waiting, the prices are inflated and the customer service is the worst. Better options up the street, don't waste your time like I did.
a week ago
The folks are so nice and knowledgeable. I enjoy the high quality selection and the friendly smiles are a bonus!
a month ago
Visited this place back in summer 2017, wonderful display of jars ?? you can find all you need there, especially accessories. really good experience ????
a month ago

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