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Oregon Weedery was opened by three partners who wanted Portland Marijuana patients to have safe access to marijuana in Downtown Portland, Oregon. We are constantly upgrading our dispensary to meet our high expectations and the ever changing laws in Oregon. We are expanding our lines of edibles, concentrates, and flowers to meet our customers needs. If you ever have a special request for an item that we do not carry, please let your bud tender know.


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Recently went into this dispensary and purchased some rather expensive oil marijuana joints. Purchased two paid $48 for two joints. When I arrived home it appeared that they gave me the display model because one of the two joints was missing. I immediately called and told them my name and what happened and they responded by telling me that they would put one with my name on it to pick up next time I came to their location. When I told them that there was sharpie pen markings on the lid in the box they immediately told me that I had a display model. I explained to them that I did not live in the area was a patient in a commercial grower and did not have much time to come into town. Today I stoped by to pick up my CBD joint that I already paid for and was informed that no action was taken and that I was not to get what I was told, nor was I to receive a refund. They actually blamed me the customer, at that point I decided not to purchase the hundred dollars of other products I was about to purchase and simply told them that this was very concerning and walked out. This dispensary has quite literally ripped me off. I'll be calling my financial institution on Monday and disputing the ATM charge for the lobby. I don't trust them nor do I trust their products or staff. Buyer beware! You can't believe that, what they advertise to be in the package is actually in the package. The staff were unprofessional, disrespectful and rude. I wouldn't recommend this dispensary to anybody for anything their prices are extremely high which I was willing to deal with but now their service is horrible too. Wow, double negative. I've been lied to and disrespected when I entered in to the store to pick up what they told me I should come to pick up. It definitely does not make it worth going to this establishment. They are definitely not trustworthy and you you just can't feel comfortable shopping there. Been in the growing and distribution industry via OMMP for over a decade and these people by far should not be in business. Instead of doing the right thing, immediately they made me feel like less of a customer. Because they failed to do their jobs it was my fault and I should lose out on what I paid for. This doesn't even make sense. They fell short of their commitment to me after I paid for their product and didn't receive it. I'm appalled with their service and I'm just trying to warn anybody out there that enjoys this industry to watch out for these people you cant trust them and they don't do ethical business.
The staff is super friendly. This is one of the least expensive dispensary I've been to in Portland. Great variety great price.
Really nice, helpful staff. Ernie is a jewel! Highly recommend.
I suppose out of all the dispensaries I've tried in and near downtown Portland, this is the best. They finally started regularly updating their Leafly menu, even including the pertinent percentages data (they avoided doing this before). The six-tiered pricing system is weird, but so long as the bottom two offer at least one >20% THC strain I don't even need to care. If you work in the neighborhood you get a discount, too! I don't even think they know exactly what the discount's supposed to be, but so far I've been getting a dollar off my grams.
Was having a bad day 2000 miles away from home in a lot of pain and under stress. I just stopped in talked to the employees and it made my day I got absolute top notch quality flower and oil. I wasn't rushed out and I felt very at home and got a wonderful vibe from employees. Thank you Oregon Weedery for doing what you do!!

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