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One Draw is about family and community. We grew up in this neighborhood, and believe it's our moral and ethical obligation to give back what was given to us. Our priority is to support local vendors and artisans; to strengthen our local economy. We can complain about the state of the world, OR actively work to change it. We must begin with our own community......and will never need to break the bank to get some dank !!


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Other Reviews

Visited One Draw Two in late March of this year. The shop had the most helpful employees I have encountered in a dispensary, and you could tell everyone was passionate about their jobs. The strains, needless to say, were amazing. The best dispensary I had the pleasure of going to.
The atmosphere of the shop was intimate and well displayed. Johanice and Matt where the bud tenders helping us for our first visit. There patience was very professional. And their knowledge was very sufficient. It was worth every cent spent. !0/10 would recommend !!!
Great selection and great service! Every time I go to 1D2 I walk away happy.
Really great prices and service. They really enjoy their customers and are always honest with what products work and which are finicky. They're also one of the few places open early for those of us who go to/get off work early. Highly recommended!
Wonderful people! They always make my day much brighter. Very comfortable atmosphere, and they (especially...James? I hope I got his name right. He's great!) make wonderful recommendations- both for flower and Netflix! :) Thanks for always being so friendly. See you again soon!