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One Draw is about family and community. We grew up in this neighborhood, and believe it's our moral and ethical obligation to give back what was given to us. Our priority is to support local vendors and artisans; to strengthen our local economy. We can complain about the state of the world, OR actively work to change it. We must begin with our own community......and will never need to break the bank to get some dank !!


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Super friendly and knowledgeable. Very competitive in price and the largest selection around. This is my new pot spot.
3 weeks ago
Extremely helpful and not pretentious! Great customer service without the FLASH.
3 weeks ago
This place sells great flower at great prices. The budtenders are chill and helpful.
3 weeks ago
This is the BEST dispensary around! Their hours are perfect for anyone who works weird hours. The twice daily happy hour is perfect too! 7-9 am AND PM! The Tuesday special (quarter for price of an eighth) is even better! The white shelf is budget friendly and in reality good smoke about 90% of the time. You might get something a little leafy, but it's affordable and does the job. Once in a while you will land yourself a lame budtender, but most everyone is super chill and know that people want to smoke and save their hard earned dollars. You can have your cake and eat it, too at ONE DRAW TWO!
a month ago
Good prices, daily discounts, happy hour prices twice a day, good selection of strains to suit any budget, friendly & knowledgeable staff. Since this has been my neighborhood dispensary for years and I have never had a truly bad experience here, I'm somewhat suspicious of a few negative reviews trashing the customer service. I have had service issues with other neighborhood dispensaries who shall remain nameless in this review, that's why I keep coming back to One Draw. It's not the biggest or the fanciest dispensary in town, but you're also not paying a premium on basically the same flower to cover added costs like you will at those "trendy" places that try a little too hard and overpay under-qualified, hot tatted up chicks and douchey hipsters to work behind the counter, and then display flower like it's some kind of museum. One Draw keeps it simple, straightforward and affordable.
4 months ago

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