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Not a good visit. I stopped by to get a gram of shatter, the worker seemed nice and was trying to tell me about all the options I had but I already knew walking in which one I wanted (NW). Somehow, in the process of getting my gram together, the worker actually did not put anything but the receipt in the bag before sending me on my way. It took me almost 45 minutes to get there and back, so naturally when I got home out of rush hour traffic to find a gram-less bag, I was devastated. I Called to say I was on my way back, and that they forgot to give me my gram of shatter. This has never happened to me, or anyone I know, anywhere, ever. I was not sure how this was going to get resolved because it was so strange. I ended up waiting almost 15 minutes just to get an employee to really hear me out about the incident. I imagine the assertion that the shatter simply fell on the ground or was somehow misplaced behind the counter seemed like a crazy idea, but all the same an attempt was made to look, "yeah I'm not seeing anything over here?" Upon Further inspection they realized they had one more gram of NW shatter in their inventory then they were supposed to from what the computer said, and just casually handed it to me as if I forgot the milk at the grocery store. "Here you go man, got you taken care of". I was NOT taken care of, this kind of mistake is unheard of. I'm sure legality wise there is little they could do to compensate a guest in anyway for the mistake, but 'something' more then here you go would have been nice. Thank you for another hour long drive down Caesar Chavez in rush hour.
Nectar has been doing right by the consumer for years, and continues to do a good job providing affordable quality cannabis products even with legislation making that harder. The last "cheap" pre-rolls I picked up were pretty awesome quality at the price. I wish I had my receipt to return the last WHO cartridge that pooped allover my battery, because I know that if hey could Nectar would help accommodate as always!
Nectar has a vast selection of really great strains. I love the atmosphere and the very friendly staff. This is my favorite shop in town! :-)
Love all the Nectar dispensaries. This one in particular has a very large collection of options to choose from. Collen has great customer service!
GREAT shop! Nicest people, huge selection, recent harvests, specials, bonus Js. Can't go wrong here. Thanks Nectar! ??

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