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This place is awesome! Amazing selection, service, best prices. You can earn free swag! I pass 2 other dispensaries on my way there, it's worth the extra distance!
These marvelous people are helpful and patient; I mean, heck!, they put up with ME! Best, they're not snarky, overly sophisticated "pot snobs." Moreover, their deals & house brands make this place affordable. Affable, affordable. Cool.
Great quality and service. Ashley was awesome! Thanks for the assistance. I love the atmosphere, and the best store hours in town!
I like cheap. I have little but need dependably, and prefer the highest quality, of course. I also know well what my preferences and need and with that said, I have to say I don't much care for the high sales feel I've gotten from most, if not all bud tending stands, but this one - lotta time in WA though, so, grain of salt ;) . . . Carl just rolled with my mood, let me take the lead, answered my questions and didn't once try to steer or sell me. It was as if he understood, since it was quite clear, I was here to buy and hand a head full of what I wanted already. All I needed was to know what was available, how much and for what. I was in and out, smooth as silk and smiling, with a new find. . . That was my own personal best walk in a weed store. . . Got exactly what I felt like I was needing, and it was not what I thought I came for. . . Thanks Carl!
Nectar is the best dispensary I've been to anywhere and I've been to dispensaries in a lot of legal states lol. Amazing selections, prices and super helpful, knowledgeable staff. Save yourself some time and headache and just go to Nectar first!!

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