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The owner knows good business is in good service, and that good service comes from treating his employees well. His employees are happy, and his customers, in kind, are exceptionally satisfied. Those whom I've told about Nectar on Sandy it, goes and becomes a convert themselves. Their daily deals are always generous and clearly designed to build a positive rapport with customers. Their staff is among the friendliest I've encountered, and I'm always content upon leaving the store.
Nectar has several dispensaries scattered around Portland. The Sandy location is perfect for me - midway between work and home. Knowledgeable bud tenders who will directly you to exactly what strain you need/want. Decent prices, good deals, wide variety of strains. Probably one of my favorite Portland dispensaries
I have stopped by the Nectar location on Sandy a few times now, and I must say that I have been very pleased on each visit. They have some amazing flowers at every price point, which is great for people like myself who may not be able to always afford top shelf on every visit. I am loving the daily deals and think I have found my new go to dispensary after recently moving into the area. Keep up the good work guys!
I recently moved out of the neighborhood but still stopped into Nectar on Sandy tonight on my way home because the staff are always super friendly and helpful. Bethany especially was lovely today! Reasonable prices; and pre-roll Fridays are a great deal. Plus, there's always fresh coffee!
I can't recommend this place enough! Wait times are virtually nonexistent: You usually just have to go to the front desk, show your ID, and BOOM! All ready to go. Nectar is also a great place for concentrates and edibles. They usually have a large selection of both. And the staff is excellent at answering any questions you might have. I've yet to really delve into their selection of flower. But I almost always make it a point to pick up a $3 preroll when I'm there. They are pretty decent for the price, and they weigh out at a gram. Definitely check this place out if you're near. Worth the visit!