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This place is fantastic. When I got my OZ the other day they put it in a scentfree baggie. Very much appreciated.
I totally love this place. Great prices and free joints . caring and knowledgeable staff. I will not buy from another dispensary.
I love this place. Staff are fun caring and knowledgeable. It IS the BEST dispensary ever. Great prices. Great weed.... I recommend nectars to everyone....
Decent place if there isn't another option. The marketing method that they use to sell their products is questionable to say the least. They list a price, but it doesn't even matter. Advertised pricing ends up being completely different than the tax-included price. For example, a top shelf eighth advertised as $40, will actually cost you $50 because of factored taxes. If you're looking to spend $35, bring an extra $9. When I left, it felt as if I was hustled. Simple solution: Advertise the price with tax included. Or at least get it damn close. Receiving misleading information is never fun.
Nectar has been doing right by the consumer for years, and continues to do a good job providing affordable quality cannabis products even with legislation making that harder. The last "cheap" pre-rolls I picked up were pretty awesome quality at the price. I wish I had my receipt to return the last WHO cartridge that pooped allover my battery, because I know that if hey could Nectar would help accommodate as always!

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