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While I understand that Nectar is a chain, and I respect that this location is going for the "tourist weed shop" business model, I have genuinely never had a good experience here. A couple highlights: - The budtenders are not only rude, but their marijuana knowledge rivals that of a 5th grade D.A.R.E student. - Filling out a sheet with personal information for the rewards system, only to come in again to find they had either lost my information, or forgot to enter it. - Getting cut in line on numerous occasions, to the point that I had to leave and go home to write my first google review ever because this place sucks that much. On a positive note, if you are under 21 I would actually highly recommend this location, as I have rarely ever been IDed.
a week ago
Nice, clean shop with great inventory and friendly, knowledgeable staff.
3 weeks ago
Love the staff here and at Nectars sandy location. Folks here always take care of me and do it with a smile!! Great deals. Easy peasy. Head on in.
3 months ago
Probably the nicest dispensary I've been in! Daily specials. Reasonable prices.... Friendly & helpful staff! GO!!! You will not be disappointed.... I promise :)
3 months ago
I've been visiting Portland for a few days now and I have checked out a few different dispensaries during my time here. I approached the counter and was immediately greeted by a young woman. Unlike some of the other dispensaries, I didn't feel like she had a sales pitch up her sleeve; she was purely interested in helping me find exactly what I was looking for and that's exactly what happened. I explained how I wanted to feel (and how I did NOT want to feel) and she promptly had a recommendation and a great explanation for her choice. I only have one day left, but I feel like I'd found one of the best dispensaries in town ?? TL;DR - The place had a nice ambiance and great customer service.
3 months ago

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