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The budtenders are very friendly here. They also have an incredible and well-organized selection. Each eighth of an ounce is placed in a small glass jar with a plastic lid that you get to keep! With great weekly deals (we did the 8 eighths for $88 on Tuesday) and a straightforward points system (each dollar you spend gets you a point, and 100 points gets you a little gift like papers or a lighter), this is a quality location that we are definitely going back to.
My favorite place to go for my cannabis needs. Friendly & knowledgeable staff. This dude Alex especially was really helpful the last time I was in there. Major props!
Nectar is my favorite dispensary. Alexander is my favorite budtender! Bright eyed, enthusiastic, his recommendations were right on! He spent a lot of time with us. Did not geel rushed at all. No edgy, backroom dope deal vibe at Nectar on Mississippi! The store feels like any other quaint shop in the Miss. District!
Nice store. Super deals and prices. Some of the best prices in town. Friendly budtenders. They know their stuff too. Got freebies (a rolling tray, stickers, lighter) and a 20% off for being 1st time customer. I have been back numerous times. Always nice and quick service. Always fresh products & wide selection too.
I only come in on Sundays for the Sunday funday deal, I pick up an Oz (4x quarters) for about 120. Not a bad deal at all and they're all super chill with letting you pick out the ones you want, you can smell them and look under the light... Other places have it sealed up and you don't see the weed till after you buy it. ?? Even if it's not Sunday they always have great deals and super awesome, chill staff. 5 stars all day, must check out if you haven't already !!

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