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This is an Awesome store with great staff. I love the Williams Wonder Farms brand strains! My favorites are the Agents Orange, Dog Walker and Platinum Girl Scout Cookie
Came in there for a concentrate and a blonde woman named bailey helped me. By far the worst customer service I’ve received. She had no knowledge to my questions and acted snobby and rude. I’ve been to the barbur location and no one acted like she did. She was most likely a racist against black women. It’s unbelievable how this dispensary could even hire people like that. Not receiving my business anymore. Will make sure to let all my family members know about this and my next home dispensary. Disgusted.
Ive been treated unfairly once again and it’s always the new employees.. I’ve been a loyal customer since the doors opened but every time there’s a new staff member, I get the cold shoulder treatment until my interaction with the older staff is observed.. recently it happened again .. there are better deals out there.. especially since nectar is changing up their deals..
I have shopped at many dispensaries but I like this one the best, people here are cool and it's the best pricing I have found so far. Plus the loyalty program they have is going to end up paying off for me in the long run. Thanks for opening this beautiful store.
The budtenders are very friendly here. They also have an incredible and well-organized selection. Each eighth of an ounce is placed in a small glass jar with a plastic lid that you get to keep! With great weekly deals (we did the 8 eighths for $88 on Tuesday) and a straightforward points system (each dollar you spend gets you a point, and 100 points gets you a little gift like papers or a lighter), this is a quality location that we are definitely going back to.

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