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Super friendly homies. Let us look at and smell everything! Huge selection of bud!
in the last week
*************Edit for Update*********** I returned 5 days later. With out issue they offered me a refund or exchange with the receipt. I took the exchange. This cartridge is very smooth! ?? Thank you Nectar for making things right. You've earned my trust as a consumer because mistakes happen. ********Written five days prior******** My throat still hurts as I write this. I went in and asked for a cartridge with nothing added. I told them I wanted co2 with nothing added or subtracted from it. I told them I didn't want my throat to burn. Last night I tried one cartridge from them that threw me into a coughing fit that burned my throat and lungs. It was no joy coughing so hard I had bile coming up. Today I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and try the other cartridge I bought from them at the same time under the same pretenses. My throat hurts like I smoked Mexican ditch weed that was wrapped in dryer sheets. Now I just feel ripped off. I spent $80 on what looked like what I wanted initially until I realized that I was bold face lied to.
a month ago
So when I was in Portland this is my go-to place I'm back in the Midwest and I'm detoxing now from 11 days of fun in that store which I took home with me and shared with my family good place to go
a month ago
I had to hop on here and give a big shout out to this location and their awesome employee from Louisiana. I’m sorry I forgot your name, but thank you! I walked in and the customer who was being helped in front of me took an immediate and inappropriate interest in me. Looking me up and down, “damn girl, you’re beautiful.” I don’t mind a compliment, but he was being creepy and, again, inappropriate. The budtender made sure the guy left me alone and made me feel very safe in the dispensary. He even asked me if I was ok after the strange man left. Thank you so much for being aware and standing by me. I super appreciate it more than I can express. Also the weed is great here! They have grass for every budget. ??
2 months ago
Always friendly. Quality product, with better than average pricing. My local store, and one of my favorites around town...and with as many dispensaries as we have, that is saying something. Check these guys out, in any of their locations. Worth stopping in. I promise.
7 months ago

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