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Went through the other day and picked up some concentrates. Pedro helped us out and was super helpful! Very attentive to our needs, extremely personable, full of knowledge and made some great suggestions. Will be back! Can't wait to see another sale like the 7/10 sale
3 weeks ago
It's always a pleasure to go to Nectar. Very happy and friendly employees. A great selection.
a month ago
I absolutely love my neighborhood weed store and I am a regular, however today they lost a star all because the lady at the front counter has a terrible, self righteous attitude,!! I jokingly made a suggestion about the "how are we doing" machine at the front door and she responded in a condescending tone. I simply asked for the owner to add an "everything" button to regards to why their service is amazing so I don't have to type EVERYTHING, EVERY TIME!! disappointing
a month ago
I love coming to Nectar! Always a great variety and fantastic employees! I appreciate the consistency of good products and Nectar doesn’t disappoint. They also take cards now which is a bonus.
2 months ago
A great place to go on any day but exceptionally great on Sundays and Wednesday’s. Great deals and specials. It never breaks the bank when I go to nectar. Now let’s not forget all of my family there. No, no relation. Still feels like I’m home. Everyone greats me like an old friend and makes sure I know the best options for the day. Not to mention a great place for Kevin Smith movie recommendations for a die hard Smith fan who has been under a rock and missed “Tusk”. Lol. Can not say more about everyone there... especially Summer. No I’m not talking about myself. She is an awesome person in general and just shines while she is working. Good location and open early. Give them a try.
5 months ago

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