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Medijuana4u is a family owned and operated medical and recreational marijuana dispensary that works to support its family through this growing industry.


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Love this place. A huge selection of medibles, oils, shatter, wax, pre rolls, not to mention flower.
Top 3 best places I've been in Portland. Thanks!
Man this place is a joke. First off they have no handicap parking and the two spaces that are the closest are taken by the employees. Secondly they are supposed to be a medical dispensary but do not cater to medical community. They are taking advantage of the fact that they are a licensed medical dispensary and are allowed to sell to the general public for three month's prior to the opening's of official recreational shop's here in Oregon. I was clearly told that as a medical patient I didn't receive any special pricing as they are treating everyone as recreational. That really make me furious they would not have the option to vend to the general public without a "Medical dispensary license". Just go and read the reviews on Leafly for yourself but only before October 24th due to the fact that they are pulling there advertising on Leafly due to so many complaints I'm assuming. I only warn you due to I write reviews and read them before and after I visit each shop. Honestly I was very disappointed with this shop enough to write a review about my experience on every social media site I use. So shop at your own discretion

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