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MaritimeCafe is a Portland based community Dispensary that provides caregiver services to OMMP Patients, allowing them safe access to affordable alternative health treatments. We help our clients achieve a high quality life, in spite of their individual health conditions. We ensure our patients feel cared for, valued, and respected regardless of condition. Our cafe and employees maintain an environment of comfort and peace that is felt by all of our patients. Our employees are knowledgeable and will help with all of our patient’s needs. Visit us at MaritimeCafe today to see how we can help you with all of your alternative health needs.


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Boyfriend goes there, he says the price is right and the girls that work there are hot. Oye
They were charging $55+tax for 1g of shatter and they had the nerve to tell me that was "the best price I was going to get". So I went a few blocks down the street to Little Amsterdam and they had the same exact strand 1g for $36. SO HOW DOES THAT WORK? They really tried to scam me and lie about them having the best prices when they know they overcharging everyone. That's not cool, that's wrong. Shame on y'all.
Great and quick service. Convenient to grab a drink, snack, hot dog etc. before or after touring the maritime museum.
Good selection, offers plants of sativa, indica and, hybrid strain for sale. The people are respectful and knowledgeable. Prices are fair, can't complain.
Teddy, you rock! Hope I spelled that correctly. This place is the bomb, everything kept getting better and better with every experience. Walked in, lady at the front was smiling and had wonderful energy and then when my boyfriend and I walked in the back there was a lot of people, and the people who work here all were in a good mood and teddy said hello and we walked around to take a look it was really cool I love the art and area to sit was nice, they also have lots of snacks! I like how they call your name when they're ready to help you pick something out because I like to look around and not be hovered and I love how all the flowers were displayed and I liked how it was color coded! I also loved the menu idea, I'm a hands on person so that was helpful for me while I was looking at the flowers. Don't change anything! Teddy was so nice and helpful even when they were out of what we were looking for she showed us two that were similar and then she was very helpful helping me pick out my first edible. She made it really non stressful for me by letting me know what ones she liked. I'm getting my medical card and she was also helpful by giving me a doctors card. Made it so I didn't have to find a doctor on my own so that was really nice. Also the idea ever. Seriously don't change a thing. My expectations were exceeded. Also cool atm it was a nice one.

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