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Super friendly staff, amazing dabable products, and those prices! Low?low?low?!!! When you wanna get ???, go see my friends at ????????? Marijuana Paradise! I'm sure you'll be taken care of!
I bought a Blaze concentrate cartridge. It leaked out of the top. I never had this problem with other cartridges. They told me I could not lay them down, they had to be stored vertically at even temperature. The person helping me said to clean it with alcohol. The manager asked me to try to clean it, come back if the are more problems. I cleaned it. Despite losing quite a bit of concentrate, it worked and I used it for another day. Then concentrate began seeping up the air chamber. Now it makes the mouth piece sticky and burns my throats and lungs to vape. I go back to the shop. Woman at the desk clearly sees the quarter gram remaining and does not want to refund anything. An owner/manager comes in and tells me all the things that you cannot do with these cartridges. He grabs another vape pen that burns hotter. Now the cartridge will hit but it still has concentrate in the air chamber and burns. Some of this may be user error on my part. I saw nothing in the instructions that says you cannot lay them down or that concentrate should seep up the air chamber. I was not asking for free weed. I explained to them that there should be a reasonable expectation that their products work. They offered no refund or compensation. I walked out. What I would have done in their shoes is offer to replace the gram cartridge with another new one; or even a half gram cartridge because I used part of it. If there were any problems, then we should talk about upgrading the pen. I own up to my end of things. However, I felt I was calm and reasonable. I wish they made some effort. With so many dispensaries around, I wanted to support my neighborhood joint. Lucky for me there are several in my neighborhood, because I will not be going back.
Absolutely love this place. Absolutely a rad environment, knowledgeable staff, courteous and excellent customer service-with a cool beachy vibe. Being from SD originally I feel right at home. :) I also love the girls helping patients and recreational customers in such a manner; that is never unsatisfying! They are extremely willing to be extra catering to medicinal patients and have a staff ready to inform patients and anyone with questions, especially those that may be coming in for the first time medicating, or using Cannabis. Paradise always has a daily question you may know to get 10% off! A great fun way to quiz people who care and love the art and science of Cannabis; not only what they know, but also what they need to learn! Sometimes its also just cool facts that are perfect quiz/history questions. I have nothing but positivity towards this establishment and will be a long time customer and patient. Much love. Ry
I have to agree with JJ unfortunately. It's open late so last resort. Took the rest of the top shelf. She cleared the massive stem collection after I asked so that was nice. Terrible attitude at the desk. One of the worst... Better places very close. Pass up if you still have some decent smoke.
Excellent marijuana retail establishment. Most impressive though is the quality of the staff. Their care and attention to each customer is genuine and appreciated. No matter if you buy everyday or you've never seen weed before and are in to try it. They patiently answer questions and never act like you're a burden. Quick and friendly, I've ever only waited once and didn't mind it at all. I mean come on, you're waiting on weed!!!

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