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Man, I love this place!!! I almost tried working there, I love it so much! Granted, I'm on VA disability, so I don't really need to work, but I'd work here, for buds! Awesome product and awesome people!
Awesome little gem, Jordan and Kip had great customer service and the shop has a good vibe. Great prices on flower and oil! I highly recommend!
So I just went in today to buy a $18 8th and a $3 joint. I selected a strain offered at that price range and then the budtender suggested another strain which she said was at the same price range which I then chose. When she rang up the total it was $27 dollars total when It was supposed to be $21. So i asked why the price was off and she claimed it was because she didn't enter the taxes right. Then changed my total was 24 and change. I believe she just sold me a more expensive 8th and then gave me a discount when I called her out. I am definitely going to reconsider purchasing product from this establishment next time I buy marijuana.
To be honest I've tried very hard to like this place. The staff is nice and the prices are decent but the times I've been there the selection was pretty rough. Almost all flower I've purchased from here was lacking in quality.
I really enjoyed this shop. Great vibes and great weed. I loved the BG Farms buds. Ill be returning for sure.

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