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Little Amsterdam has long been my go-to pot shop. The people who work there are always friendly and helpful. The quality of the products are excellent, consistently. They're located close to where I work, which makes it all the easier to frequent. The only reasons I didn't give a full 5 stars is because often times the stocks of certain items gets prohibitively low (I.E. they seem to have low stock on hash/concentrates pretty often) and because their herb prices are a little steep. They have a loyalty rewards program that offers a small % discount over time but in general they run no specials or sales. Sadly, much of their competition DOES, and adding such would net them an easy 5 stars from me.
This location is for medical patients ONLY! Some of the daily deals are great. $6 small bud grams on Sundays are the best.
After giving them three tries (and not wanting to return after the first one), my takeaway is that they have extremely stale, worthless dirt weed that was tested over a YEAR before selling it to me (I tried 6 different strains from here). Unacceptable!! "Service" is laughable. As a patient I expect a knowledgeable budtender would know at least as much as I do about their own products. The people who "helped" me honestly seemed to know nothing. Don't waste your valuable time and money here, there are fabulous competitive dispensaries close by that will respect your business and who are experts in this field, and actually know what they're talking about without lying to you. I prefer honest, polite service and quality products to match. I will not return!
A little expensive but worth it. Because everything is top shelf. With exceptional customer service. They are knolagabl
Great spot with amazing bud!! Very upscale, clean, and safe. I'll gladly drive across town to Little Amsterdam for my stash!!

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