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We are a medical marijuana dispensary with several locations throughout the State of Oregon. We currently carrying 50+ strains to choose from to suit all of your medicating needs. In addition we have over 80+ concentrates to choose from. We strive to provide patients with the highest level of care in a welcoming and professional atmosphere. All of our products are tested for molds, mildews, and pesticides to ensure that we provide the highest quality medicine. Any new patients receive a free $5 gram of flower, or pre-rolled on there first visit! Since we have such a large inventory we do advise calling in advance and double checking the in store stock if you are coming from a distance for a specific product!


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Other Reviews

Not the best prices but good quality herb. Not overly friendly staff or very upbeat
Great service. Super nice bud tenders. Especially the girl that just started.
While I miss the ability to use debit, this is the best place to get buds if you don't have a medical card. They have a great range of quality/price to suit your budget, and their people are always helpful and sweet.
Been spending almost $100 a week at this place on concentrates, not because the quality is great( most concentrates they have are sugared out and harsh) but because they are really nice and take credit cards. I stop by tonight close to close and see a sign that says "cash only" I ask the gal if they have an ATM, she says no, there is one next door, but you won't make it because we're closing, but you can come back tomorrow and remember to bring cash, the card reader is gone indefinitely. . . . .I'll be going somewhere else tomorrow!
I visited the Shady Cove location while on vacation. I am a medical card holder which means I do not pay tax. I was charged $23.75 for tax and didn't notice until I got all the way home to Aloha. So I called the SC location and they told me to call one of the Portland locations and they could refund me. I have been calling for FOUR WEEKS! The manager is NEVER there and does NOT return phone calls. And apparently she is the only one who can refund me. When you pay hundreds of dollars for a medical card it would be nice if they actually did their job and rung people up right and if not, take their call and REFUND THEM!!! So if you are a card holder I suggest you shop at a dispensary that has competent people running it and working there!

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