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We are a medical marijuana dispensary with several locations throughout the State of Oregon. We currently carrying 50+ strains to choose from to suit all of your medicating needs. In addition we have over 80+ concentrates to choose from. We strive to provide patients with the highest level of care in a welcoming and professional atmosphere. All of our products are tested for molds, mildews, and pesticides to ensure that we provide the highest quality medicine. Any new patients receive a free $5 gram of flower, or pre-rolled on there first visit! Since we have such a large inventory we do advise calling in advance and double checking the in store stock if you are coming from a distance for a specific product!


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Other Reviews

Very good prices on bud with lots of different strains, i highly recomend tjis place
in the last week
This place has some of the best prices and selection in all of Portland. I really love this place. They are even cheaper then some of the other La Mota stores.
a month ago
Visited this location main times had good service but more poor service then the good ones. 100% for the safety of everyone else not getting hurt. You should probably properly cover the nice drain hole wide open with no proper drain cover on it. Just a drain pipe exposed to hurt anyone who parks in the back in the parking behind your shop. Nothing in my hands I got out of the passenger side walked towards the building still with nothing in my hands all the sudden at the back of my van my right foot stepped right in the black drain hole I didn’t see at all til I was already hurt. As I fell in he drain pipe my fiancé jumped out of our van to make sure I was okay and neither of us could understand why this drain had been approved to be left like that. Not a single notice watch your step bright orange spray paint to bring it to peoples attention to watch out. When I entered the shop 4 bud tenders were standing around chit chatting well only one of them is helping the only other customer in the shop. Not a single greeting welcoming me in like normal. Finally after a couple minutes standing there a gentleman tells me he has to get his keys before he can help me. The other two bud tenders not helping customer went else where. Once the bud tender returned with his key. I address the issue about TRIP HAZARD SAFETY CONCERN. After I shared I got hurt by the drain the budtender kinda chuckled but was trying not to allow it to look that way! Started serving me without asking for my Id no one has labeled name tags to report what bud tender name who helped me I entered the shop door grabbing my id pointed out what concentrates I wanted with my I’d. As he tried to scan the concentrates I wanted that’s when he realized he needed my I’d. When I bought my concerns out about the drain pipe all the bud tender could say was a sarcastic oh yeah. It wasn’t til I told him my foot was experiencing a lot of pain and throbbing that I couldn’t handle it only for him to tell me he’d try to remember to tell the maintenance guy coming in some time this next week and try to get it fixed! Not a single employee working asked me if I was ok or if they could help me in anyway I was clearly limping and if the pains and swelling in my foot doesn’t go by the time when my fiancé gets off work tomorrow I’ll be going to get my foot looked at!!!
a month ago
I always have a new experience here, and I'm never disappointed! The staff are awesome and great to chat with - plus it's nice knowing they use the products here as well so I can get their personal opinions before choosing based on the lab reports. Great work guys!
2 months ago
Great selection of flower at a range of price points. A smoke for every occasion. Extremely friendly staff (looking at you Niki!). If I am not smoking my home-grown....I buy my herb here.
4 months ago

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