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10% Off Marley's Naturals
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Valid on Sunday, Saturday
10% Off Edibles and Topicals
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15% Off for Seniors and Veterans
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Other Reviews

Best deals around hands down! No flower is pre-packaged. They have everything and the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable.
Amazing product and the owner is so knowledgeable and sweet. I used them for a delivery and was really impressed with the service. My stuff was here within the hour and was top notch! I will definitely be a regular customer from here on out..
Good deals great smoke.still sold in bulk not pre packaged ,the way it should be.. ok.
Great budtenders and product. Rediculiously cool evolve plus pen, and great prices.
I came in a few weeks ago with very specific needs in my medical marijuana, which the staff were very helpful in meeting. I learned about CBD marijuana, which some strains like Harlequin have many times more of than they have THC. I'm pretty sensitive to THC, so I tried Harlequin and I am very happy with the results! I would recommend this place to anyone interested.