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Kaya Shack was founded to establish a nation-wide brand for the emerging legal marijuana community. The time has come for the prohibition on marijuana to be lifted and the active involvement, support and participation of professionally managed and publicly supported companies will serve to advance this cause.  The Kaya Shack mission is to ensure that all people with the legal right to access marijuana be able to do so in a clean, bright, positive and friendly environment, and that the service, quality and convenience provided to our customers be of the highest standards available.


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Top of the line quality and service.
I generally love this place I mean, there team is incredible. But this is the 2nd time that I've gone during there hours of business and they aren't open. There's absolutely no reason to say you're open at 8am and not be, I've showed up twice at 8am and wait a little bit after and your closer hasn't been there. Completely unprofessional and a huge bummer because I enjoy giving you guys my money, but never again
Great dispensary with good deals. All strains are the same price so it makes the buying decision more fun.
I have been there three times and twice I found seeds. I called the first time and the female associate was great addressed my concern. The second time the male associate wanted me to talk to his supervisor. At this point, I won't be going back. First of all, the seeds is big issue. Second, the website has wrong info cause it said closed at 10 and I drove all the way from Beaverton to find out it closed at 9...(got there 9:12). Downfall of one shelf. I have to admit the price was enticing and they had 2 really good strains, G13 with higher Thc and Pineapple. However, I had more disappointments with Polynesian Cookie Haze, Pineapple diesel, Gorilla Glue (seeds), and Cinex (seeds). Not worth the drive. Thought I would try it cause its near my favorite sandwich shop. Product quality and customer service is really important to me. It is a real disappointment to receive poor service in both categories. Update: This weekend I found myself wanting to try KAYA another go and I was actually happy with the strains that I got. They were not bad and better than The Green Planet. I will have to try again and see.
Sorry I have to give you 1 star... I arrived at 9:20 thinking I had plenty of time since the website and Google say you're open till 10 pm, only to find your posted hours at you close at 9. Today was one of the worst days of my life and I just wanted to relax and feel good for a while and this was a real slap in the face. Looks like others have complained about store hours being inaccurate.... this is such an easy fix guys, come on.

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