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Tucked away on a busy side street in Northeast Portland you’ll find Home Grown Apothecary. With its beautiful floral mural and colorful garden, visitors might mistake Home Grown for just another quirky Portland home. Little do they know, Home Grown is the most comfortable and welcoming cannabis dispensary in the Northwest.

Often described as a place where even your grandmother would feel at ease, shopping at Home Grown feels like visiting your friend’s house. The knowledgeable Home Grown staff takes the time to get to know you. They can tailor recommendations specifically to your wants, preferences, and reasons for cannabis use. You can be sure that your ideal strain is grown organically and free of pesticides and fertilizers on Home Grown’s own local farm. It’s a rare thing to find a shop that oversees the entire growing process of their cannabis from seed to jar.

Home Grown Apothecary offers organically sourced, all-natural health and wellness products, both cannabis and non-cannabis. This includes cannabis flower, CBD, edibles and tinctures, non-cannabis medicinal herbs, essential oils, tea blends, and homeopathic remedies. Home Grown specializes in products produced locally and sustainably.

ADA accessible | Cash Only | ATM Available


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Last updated on Friday, March 15, 2019

No medical menu available for this location.


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Other Reviews

Recently found out that my body and immune system cannot handle any inorganic chemicals due to glyphosate poisoning, and it’s been hard trying to find cannabis that actually helps relieve some symptoms, without also giving me different ones. I was so happy to find Home Grown and meet their knowledgeable staff- it felt like I’d come home! The flower was the best I’ve had in my three and a half years in Portland. Also, as a practicing herbal and energetic healer, the non-cannabis section is an absolute dream as well! It’s not easy to find such a wide array of organic medicinal herbs, as well as people who know so much about them. My apartment lease is up soon and my criteria for new digs is close to the co-op... and now this little haven, lol. Thank you so much to Richard and Tucker for a great first experience! Sending all the good vibes and literally everyone I know here. Cheers!
a week ago
A truly exemplary, boutique dispensary. Featuring a genuine Apothecary selection and a herbalist on staff, I wish there was a version of this shop in every city. A small, passionate staff paired with a well curated selection of ecologically conscious Cannabis. Love them, hope you'll check them out!
a month ago
I love this place. They have a great selection and a healthy feel. It doesn't feel like a weed store but, they have good product. The have some other herbal products which is nice when you want to get other healthy stuff. Mostly I just like the people there and respectable atmosphere. I always have a good experience.
2 months ago
I’ve been smoking for 4 years and have been to many dispensaries in multiple states, and this is without the doubt THE BEST one I’ve been to. I live near 3 dispensaries in walking distance, yet I’d much rather take the extra time to go farther out to Homegrown Apothecary for their top service and product quality. I get excited every time I have to go because the energy of the employees and the atmosphere is welcoming and uplifting. Every product that I have tried is superb. Everything is organic, largest range of cbd, an apothecary of herbs, knowledgeable employees, delicious product, and all things needed to make it an amazing experience. Whether you’re just visiting Portland or you live around town, I highly recommended coming here!
2 months ago
All natural and responsibly sourced, no corn syrups, no palm oil. This place is also an apothecary, they have a whole room of non THC herbs and products and will make special blends for you! They are really great! Atmosphere is adorable chic antique ;)
4 months ago