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This place has the cartridges that I want at a great price that's lower than most other places.
Good weed and awesome prices 8th for $15 on rec prices on some heat too
Went here last night for the first time after a VERY long day. And even though I didn't know what I wanted they made the PERFECT recommendation! And the little doggo just put me in a better mood. If you want to go somewhere with knowledgeable and friendly staff, high quality and budget friendly options as well as affordable top shelf options then this is the shop for you! I'm glad I went out of my way to stop here and you should give them a visit soon.
This shop is my most favorabledispensary. Not only do they carry a wide variety of buds, where even there low shelf is fire . Best bang for your buck there I think is 5grams for $22.
0/0 stars-this place ripped me off. We saw the deal for on oz. for $90 and thought it looked pretty sweet. So we went in, mixed four strains and got charged $90 with no offer of a receipt. We were shorted by 6 grams, two grams from one strain and FOUR from another. This happened on Thursday night. We called and called and called and called and got no answer. We sent an e-mail and it was returned as "undeliverable." When we went and told them all this they could not have cared less. We were literally told "it happens." Deplorable. No attempt to alleviate the customer, no concern for the fact that they aren't reachable as a business and no concern for the money they took from us. I could not recommend this place less. They are literally thieves and it is a third-rate business that can't even answer the phone.

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