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Not for medical patients, despite having green crosses all over the place. Prices are excessive and medical patients do not get any price break.
I got upsold on a one-gram CO2 cartridge, a "great deal that lasts so long" I was told. Except, it stopped working about halfway through it's life cycle. Worse yet, when I attempted to recoup at least some of my purchase (maybe a half-gram cartridge?) one of the employees demurred, and the manager actually laughed at me. Worst experience and the worst $75 ($25 on a battery w/ a case) I've spent at a dispensary yet. Do yourself a favor and spend your money elsewhere.
Just went in, love the decor. Super friendly staff love. Great herb and oils are off the charts. My favourite dispensary.
Evan was great. I asked a million questions and being a huge pothead the answers took time. Even on a busy Friday working with someone who works for tips, my salesman was super friendly and helpful. Not to metion happen hour specials!!!
Bad poor communication to customers... Cheating on deals... Can't even get a 10 sack... It's a bad place. I really didn't like this place... learn about the deals in the prices if you don't know your hustle or you don't know your product then don't be trying to sell customers false advertisement and false hope you know what I'm saying but the top shelf weed that's pretty good there but it's just way too much out of price range and they couldn't even get the deals on the weed pipe correct they said $10 now they're saying that's $15 $12 this is not wishy-washy up and down business it's totally unprofessional I won't be going there and I'll be telling my friends and family not to go there as well

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