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At the Green Oasis we’re committed to providing Oregon medical marijuana patients with safe access to high quality, organically grown medicine. Visit us at 1035 SE Tacoma and at our new locations in Jantzen Beach and NE Portland at 4012 NE Cully.


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Im being generous by giving 3 stars. This is only my experience but all 3 times were the same. The place is nice inside and thats the only good thing i liked. Snobby staff, not very friendly and welciming to people who arent regulars. I asked for the strongest thc product they had and it was so weak i know for sure it was either dabbed first or they lied on the label. My own outdoor homegrown is better then anything they have for sale. I dont like this place and its too bad cuz it's right down the street from my home.
To be honest, it is real hit or miss here. I only come here because it is 2 blocks from my house. I typically buy prerolls and sometimes they are super premium and other times they are dry and full of stems despite being "all flower." They have good deals on their "mixed bag" prerolls at $6/1g.... They are $6 because they are a "mix of flower, trim and stem." Sadly, despite claiming to sell "pure flower" prerolls at $12/gram and any "flower/trim/stem" prerolls at $6/gram, I have several times walked out with a $12 "just flower" preroll that was chock full of stems.... Like the 1 gram OG-13 preroll I bought there yesterday. The flower was dry and light brown and there were at least 4 small stems in the one preroll.... Despite being one of their "just flower" premium prerolls. Also, when their supply dwindled a couple months ago resulting insuper low percentages they blamed it all on new tedting regs not accepting the fact - even when they were informed - that they were the only local dispensary in the area that had such LOW percentages on their products. Basically very hit or miss. Good when in a pinch or desperate but overall one of my least favorite dispensaries - product wise. A couple of the workers there are rad, but not all - some of the guys that work there are argumentative and defensive about the product rather than empathetic and transparent. No gender bias here but more often than not I get better treatment and customer service from the women who work here.
Spent $50 on an eighth of top-shelf Blueberry. It's really dry and crumbles into dust when I handle it. It actually tastes like dust when you smoke it. If this is their top shelf item, I don't want to know what the rest of the weed tastes like. This makes me very angry. I won't be back.
Just called to get some info on different strains. The guy on the phone was extremely rude and hung up the call. I asked him in a calm manner as I was in no way rude to him. Poor customer service. Buy elsewhere.
Great daily specials. Real nice staff

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