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Very friendly staff. Prices are sweet and simple. No need to go elsewhere.
I don’t really care what time someone wants to open & close but clarity/ honesty is important. My family is leaving for a funeral at 6am - I needed to go to the shop last minute. The shop is two blocks from our house and though we quit going for similar reasons I just risked getting over there. I walked in at 9:45-7, the attendant and a customer ahead of me went in back. I waited patiently where I am supposed to. She came back out at 9:55 and said I was too late. I could have been told that to begin with and gone another 5 blocks to a different shop. They could have posted a sign. ZERO reason for me to be left there and prevented from making it to a different dispensary. Under other circumstances- whatever. But tonight, I have vertigo & a migraine & promised my husband to get him ready to leave for his family emergency... And I went to the shop he doesn’t like because they have closed randomly after advertising open till 10pm on more than one occasion in the past. I tried to tell the attendant- she said something about a new regulation (that prevents posting accurate info? telling someone standing right there?) Whatever. We are old school & did our years in the mountains- the shops are just corporatizing what was once a very cool & healing thing. They will make their money even with the worst possible service and no idea how to grow a flower themselves. But be aware the posted hours are not for real.
Good prices. 20.00 eights available or 60.00 for four 8ths. Decent selection.
On the road home. Parking easy, shared with Plaid Pantry. Locals own it. Truly Mom & Pop business. Clean, well lighted place, tastefully arranged. Nice workers at the window. Feels like movie ticket window. Cameras all around help workers in a mostly private show room. Artfully displayed Cannabis trays beckons me to smell the aromas of flowers grown for the senses. As wine enthusiasts will brag on taste and aroma, so do those who favor the taste of the long leaf. Hobbit like is the twinkle that comes to those who can imagine a path to health and happiness. A wee bit of this can be found in this shop with nice people and exciting goods. Open for business in Oregon. Close to University of Portland.
Their prices are very reasonable compared to awhile ago. I'm very loyal to another dispensary further away, but I think I'll start buying from Greeley Gallery regularly now. The soft, dim lighting & one on one with the fantastic bud tenders make for a relaxed buying experience, especially for someone with anxiety. Everyone I've dealt with there has been knowledgeable, patient, and put me at ease. It's like visiting an old friend who happens to sell weed.