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On the road home. Parking easy, shared with Plaid Pantry. Locals own it. Truly Mom & Pop business. Clean, well lighted place, tastefully arranged. Nice workers at the window. Feels like movie ticket window. Cameras all around help workers in a mostly private show room. Artfully displayed Cannabis trays beckons me to smell the aromas of flowers grown for the senses. As wine enthusiasts will brag on taste and aroma, so do those who favor the taste of the long leaf. Hobbit like is the twinkle that comes to those who can imagine a path to health and happiness. A wee bit of this can be found in this shop with nice people and exciting goods. Open for business in Oregon. Close to University of Portland.
2 years ago
I've never walk into a shop and got home to smoke and see that I paid for untrimmed flower.... I was frustrated..
2 months ago
Friendly service and quick delivery! quality weed at great prices. Will definitely be returning..picked up a half ounce for 60 bucks!!! Love the variety. BIG selection of PAX all 40 dollars distillate/Terps!
2 months ago
Super friendly, good selection of herbs. Carries glass blown by local artists. (Yours truly as well) ??
7 months ago
Super awesome shop. Great deals, knowledgeable staff and a nice selection of flower (quality if not quantity), concentrates and edibles. Not a huge place, but they make excellent use of the space they do have. Will definitely be returning.
10 months ago

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