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Look at all the recent reviews this place has got, since the new owners took over. They're trying their best to ride on the coat tails of the previous owner, but it's obvious that the old regulars, the sort of people that wrote those 5 star reviews, very much dislike the new owners and where this place has gone. My experience with this store since the new owners have taken over has been a bit sour, and their sourness has spread to a point that caused me to want to write this review rather than just forget this place and move on. Especially when I heard from a few of the previous employees that the new owners were threatening them with lawsuits and legal actions. They aren't the sort of people you'd want to do business with. There's much better dispensaries to go to, and they're run by much more reputable people. Practically down the street is Oregon's Finest. That place has a much better selection, and better prices vs quality. (edit-added) Well, it seems the owners added a note trying to vindicate themselves. I'm sorry that not so many businesses engage in such questionable and undesirable practices, that I'm writing reviews left and right. What I saw coming from this store when the new owners came in, it's just, eh. It was enough to make me step up and write this review. Like I said in my original review "My experience with this store since the new owners have taken over has been a bit sour, and their sourness has spread to a point that caused me to want to write this review rather than just forget this place and move on." The owner's don't want to take responsibility for their actions, and how it has impacted their business and their customers, like myself, so they try and just write it off as people complaining to complain. Some conspiracy of former employees, or some garbage like that. Hey, maybe wise up and realize that the way you acted drove one of your customers away, and drove him to pop online and do something he rarely does; write a review to express his dismay and frustration with the new management. I mean, you look on here, and most of the reviews given since the new owners came in are negative reviews. The bulk of positive reviews came pre-take over.
Great people here! Just opened, have some nice buds. Its great for when im down on the river front!
I feel bad for the owners of Fresh Buds ,a very cocky a**hole by the name of Robert Bellemare from Tempe, Arizona or Rhode Island????? He tried to steal this business from them. He stated that he has consulted on dispensaries and cultivation grows in the Phoenix Metro Area, which is false. He told us he owned and was part owner of a dispensary and MMJ cultivation grow as in Phoenix, all lies. I would be very cautious if this man contacts you. #RobertBellamare #Soildgreens had no money to buy Fresh Buds it was all a scam, Employees of Fresh Buds were scammed too... He is a complete fraud, he is a fast talker with a slick tongue! Do not get involved with this Robert Bellemare, he should go to Prison for what he has done to Fresh Buds!!!!! Robert Bellemare / Solidgreens LLC - is a complete Fraud
A great dispensary ruined yet again by big business. This place was fantastic before and then it got bought out and screwed up! It made me sad to see all new faces last time I went in, none that were friendly. No one there cares about anything more than making their commission on overpriced crap. I was very disappointed to say the least. There are very few options, only a couple strains of flower. Not impressed "FRESH" BUDS!!!! You guys used to be the best!!! I miss Jay. He was always so sweet! These new guys tried charging me $60 for a $40 cartridge, but I knew better...... So sad...... DON'T GO HERE!!! Avoid at all costs
This place went down the drain. Before the prices were so much better. Not sure who all the new people are, but maybe if they didn't have 5 people working they could offer better prices especially when it's so damn slow there. Used to come here all the time, when jay was the owner and Will was the manager. Really sucks that things changed cause I enjoyed coming in. Was honestly one of My favorite dispensaries. Not sure whose running the place now, but please figure something out. It's almost insulting to come in and see prices basically Doubled. Dude was going on about how owners didn't follow the rules before the new ownership yet didn't put my Product in a exit bag or whatever the new child Proof bags that one must have to leave the store with are called. Overall won't be visiting this place again. If you want shops with much better pricing and better employees. Check out club sky high in north Portland, or Green Front on Glisan. Trust me, you won't regret passing up this shop. Also change the name. Most of the reviews here are built off what Jay and Will established. It's insulting to them for y'all to keep fresh buds and charge people 2x and 3x what the prices were before.

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