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A cannabis company you can count on! Featuring $5 eighths $40 ounces all day every day. Formerly TRU Cannabis, we are to be Floyd's Fine Cannabis! New name, fresh look, same great deals & service!





- Daily: $5 eighths & $40 ounces! Pick up any Yellow Label flower for $5 per eighth or $40 per ounce.

- Daily: Pick up any Blue Laberl joint for 1 for $2.50, 2 for $4.17, or 5 for $8.33!


- Monday: Enjoy 10% off ALL Edibles every Monday!

- Tuesday: Pick up any Blue Label flower half ounce for $50. Split it half & half to get the same price!

- Thursday: Enjoy 10% off ALL Topicals & Tinctures every Thursday!

- Friday: Enjoy 10% off ALL Floyd's Merchandise every Friday!

- Saturday: Enjoy 10% off ALL Non-Floyd's Merchandise every Saturday!

- Sunday: Pick up an eighth of Red Label flower for $30 every Sunday!


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Other Reviews

Customer service definitely lacking. I called before going about a specific product and the representative on the phone was very rude. I decided I would just pop in and check it out myself. Definitely the cheapest ounce deals you can find but you get what you pay for; mostly stems. When I went in to purchase product the male representative sneered at a question my boyfriend and I asked. The whole experience just left a bad taste in my mouth. I would rather pay the extra price tag for excellent customer service sans attitude.
2 weeks ago
The only reason I came to the dispensary on 28th , because I heard about The great deal on ounces. I drove past 30 different dispensaries on my way there. Upon arrival, I waited to be helped, One clerk was helping one customer, while I watched one clerk go back-and-forth from room to room. I finally stopped him and said ,do you work here? He responded but ran away from helping me several times. There were no ounces to be sold at the sale price that is advertised. And I was only allowed to buy 7 g which made no sense . Then both the clerks, Tried to explain to me about harvest time and why their inventory is low. And I had to defend myself, and explain that I am 60 years old, I’ve been smoking since before they were born. It seems to me if you’re going to run a dispensary, your inventory shouldn’t be depleted because of harvest time. I won’t be back to any of your dispensaries. Huge waste of my time. The staff was rude.
a month ago
Really disappointed that The Floyds budtenders are selling the folks who are parking in the bike lane. I love the shop overall but this is really unacceptable and unsafe. And when brought to the budtenders attention, platitudes were all that were offered.
2 months ago
Probably the most incompetent people I’ve ever experienced working in a dispensary. They have asked three times if my partner’s ID is fake after they let them buy products from this store multiple times. It’s been a huge inconvenience to go here as we get hassled every time. Also, raised the prices on the bottom shelf recently. Bad news is all I can say.
2 months ago
Customer service here is pretty awesome for the most part. That's one of the main things that are good about this dispensary for me. I loved coming here when it was true cannabis and would come across town for the good bud at the good prices. But now more often than not the quality is really low(even for the price) and even on the next shelves up there's not the best selection. Not fun waiting 30 mins in line to get half your bud in stem weight.
7 months ago

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