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Five Zero Trees is a place for OMMP card holders and recreational customers to access high quality cannabis in an inviting and safe environment. We have believed in the revolution of alternative medicine for over 20 years and have a strong desire to help the cannabis community flourish for many years to come. To access Five Zero Trees, as a recreational customer you must be 21 years or older on your government issued ID. Medical patients may be 18 years or older with their valid OMMP card and ID.


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Nice mellow vibe. They treat everyone with respect regardless of your knowledge level. Love that the outside isn't 'in your face' the way a lot of similar establishments are - keeps the community feeling in-sync. Staff is super helpful and they always have excellent recommendations - they aren't just pushing random options based on inventory or quotas. They have a good selection with reasonable prices.
3 months ago
I walked in and nobody was at the counter. I went to the back area and I was not greeted. I asked about a one-to-one tincture. They wanted $84 for what I usually pay $48 for elsewhere. No thank you. overpriced.
3 months ago
Sure, a $3 is fine for swiping my card, but get your pricing correct on your menu? I have been THREE SEPERATE TIMES in the past three weeks, hoping each time it would be different. nope. Cartridges on the menu are priced lower and when you get to the checkout the employees wont notice (not much urgency, isn't your job to notice these things? not the customer?) so they will overcharge you and have NO IDEA how to refund you. cool. wasted my time/money and wont be going back. Sticking with The Parlour
2 months ago
Have been coming to this place since before I was in the industry. A lot of places have changed for the worse or haven't changed at all but Five Zero seems to be methodically changing things in an intelligent manner. Props to y'all. Perhaps make some dab displays though? Hard to know what you're getting unless you've had the product before.
3 months ago
This was my first time ever in a dispensary and I was there looking for CBD for my mom's arthritis. The staff there were very helpful and understanding that I had no idea what I needed or what to look for. They offered me several different options, with no pressure to buy the more expensive things. In the end I walked out of there with a couple things for my mom to try and they have significantly improved her quality of life! Thank you so much for all your help!
4 months ago

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