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Five Zero Trees is a place for OMMP card holders & recreational customers to access high quality cannabis in an inviting & safe environment. We have believed in the revolution of alternative medicine for over 20 years, and have a strong desire to help the cannabis community flourish for many years to come.

To access Five Zero Trees as a recreational customer you must be 21 years or older on your government issued ID. Medical patients can be 18 years or older with their valid OMMP card.


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Other Reviews

Five zero trees is a wonderful place very friendly and nice. Everything they have is outstanding and its overall my favorite place to go.
Best flowers. Best extracts. Best people. Definitely my favorite shop in town!
I am pretty new to going to dispensaries, as purchasing dispensary cannabis recreationally has only been legal in Oregon for about 5 months. I have yet to find my normal spot. I thought this might have been the place. Their service is friendly, but not very knowledgeable when it comes to the strains they sell (other than what's on their computer monitor or the few lab test results for it). From the reviews I have been reading about most dispensaries, this unfortunately seems to be the norm. All that aside, I was still content with this location until the second time I found seeds in some of my flower. I am sorry, but in my opinion, you cannot call yourself a "premium" dispensary when your flower has seeds in it. And I understand the concept of markup, and needing to turn a profit, but gouging is accurate when it comes to recreational prices. I mean it's not like dispensaries aren't paying more than maybe $60 an ounce from their vendors with the quantities they purchase, so selling it at $70 for 7 grams is tantamount to gouging. And I won't even mention how much worse the gouging is if they are growing some of this themselves, and still selling male flower at "premium prices". Not trying to be rude, but based on my experiences with dispensaries, the quality from what I have seen in Portland dispensaries is no better than anyone could grow themselves. I would recommend to any cannabis users in northern Oregon who are considering going to dispensaries to just grow your own within the legal guidelines, until we start to see which dispensaries emerge as being truly premium, and more fair with their pricing for recreational users.
Bait and switch. (Eastside Store on Division Street) 56.25% higher price than a place about 2 miles away. (For lower grade stuff than the other place!) Veterans - Please avoid this place. OK - So I read the online info and rave reviews. True - The people were nice; however --- --- They top their prices with the 25% tax --- They mentioned a Veterans discount and did not honor it. --- I really felt scammed (Taylor the cashier was nice but each "gouge" of price wasn't reflected until I was committed to the buy. Was unjust feeling.) So out of curiosity I went to another place on 162nd street. (One I had been to previously.) Sure enough they don't gouge and are nicer and easy going ... --- There is no bait and switch with the prices --- They honor the Veterans discount too --- They include taxes in their pricing versus a price gouge. I was having this great smooth day until I just felt ripped off and had to do some verifying that I was in fact scammed. $31.25 Versus $20 for 1/8 and the $20 1/8 was better product !!!
Huge selection, The Quality is through the roof.. They are very nice and knowledgeable they treat everybody the same.. Other places like(the green front) treat you second class if your a Rec. user..Not this place.. Its hands down the best Place to go in Portland.. they will exceed all your expectations....

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