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Founded in Portland Oregon, Farma is a network of licensed growers, botanical scientists and patients bound by a common purpose: To provide predictable and effective medicine that enhances people’s lives. By uniting cutting-edge analytics with the deepest catalogue of genetics in the Pacific Northwest, Farma’s Portland dispensary is doing its small part to deliver on the vast promise of cannabis.


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Courteous, answered every question. Very helpful to individual needs
I'm an old time grower and took a year long break with the idea of buying bud as good as what I grew so I wouldn't have to grow anymore. I have purchased weed multiple times in this dispensary (usually spend a couple hundred or so at a time to get a nice variety) and have found all to be beyond sub par nearly every single time. I don't know what's up with the great reviews, but I have to assume most reviewers so far have never smoked properly grown weed. I find the weed Farma sells to be consistently harsh on the exhale, and most all of the various strains smell about the same with little difference. Very little bouquet like properly grown weed should have! I think this is likely due to the mass production and various sprays the growers they buy from use to control Powdery Mildew and pests like spider mites, thrips, gnats, etc. So, I decided to start growing my own again and purchased two clones from Farma on about March 4th. They were packaged neatly in plastic so I took them home and put them in my grow room, of which I had already two others of my fav strain going. I never thought to actually check the clones before introducing them into my garden, only because I asked if they were Powdery Mildew free and was told "yes". Also, I fully trusted they knew what they were doing since they are a State regulated medical dispensary. Well, to my dismay and utter amazement, when I got caught up on a few things a few hours later and went to look the clones over for any signs of tiny pests that aren't easily seen, one clone had two large spots of PM on one leaf. I was shocked since I knew I had just contaminated my grow room and know how many months it will set me back. I called Farma about the issue and they replaced the two clones for me. Supposedly from a different source. However, they gave me two more infected clones! And, they were obviously infected just like the first two were. Both had PM, and one had fungus gnats flying out of it when I picked it up to look at it. I called and talked to the manager who was extremely rude, condescending and arrogant. She said the clones were disease free, maybe they got infected from my garden, we have no control after they leave, etc., and basically get lost. She simply would not take responsibility for their mistake and I felt that was way out of line. I asked to speak with one of the two owners multiple times and was told nobody wanted to talk to me any further and take a hike. I have never experienced a problem where I can't speak with the owner of a small business. Neither owner has called me back to this day. My experience in talking with management about my issue is they don't know much at all about weed, and likely depend on the commercial growers they buy from for info if their clones are PM free or not, rather than their own knowledge. I've had nothing but a disgusting experience with this dispensary and am still shocked neither owner would speak with me. The epitome of arrogance. If you want good and safe weed to smoke, grow your own. The difference between commercial grown and homegrown is like night & day. Be sure to buy your clones from a "reputable" source though. Or, better yet, start from seeds. I will never trust Farma again. All show and no go. I attached a couple pics of the PM on the clones. It takes many days for PM to be that far advanced. For anyone else who has purchased clones from them, if your plant tuns out covered in powdery mildew right before harvest you'll know why.
Awesome place! The bud tenders are all chill peeps. Love coming to Farma. It's definitely my goto dispensary and they have good prices. I even get a neighborhood discount since I work right by the spot. Thank you Farma! :-D
This is my absolute favorite dispensary in Portland. The service is always excellent, and the people who work here are incredibly knowledgeable. I love the way they categorize strains, and they have a price cap for medical patients. I have many dispensaries closer to me but Farma is worth the trip every time!
Farma is the best dispensary I have been to in Portland. The atmosphere and decor in this place is modern, relaxing and professional. The budtenders are very knowledgeable and helpful. Tell them what sort of experience you're looking for and they'll have numerous buds to recommend. I've tried many other dispensaries, and none have compared to my positive experience at Farma. It will definitely be my go-to place in Portland, without question. Check it out for yourself. I don't believe it's possible to have a bad experience there.

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