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4 G's Live Resin $69
Trellis Ounces $49 & $69
Tax Included
$69.00  $69.00


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Other Reviews

Great selection of flower and also great prices not to mention friendly staff, first rec shop in Portland that I really enjoyed visiting! Check it out! Definately will be returning..
2 weeks ago
My favorite place to come to. Customer service is impeccable! I had a really nice Dark haired girl help me a lot and help me understand what I was looking for and what would work best for me. I have a lot of trouble finding something that works for me and she suggested a few things to me that I never heard of before and they have helped tremendously! Anxiety is gone, all my pain in my back is gone. I don’t remember her name exactly but I think it was Bailey? Braylinn? Either way shout out to her for being so educated and helping me find what I needed. She made my day so much better and brighter with her kindness. Love Doctors Orders and will be coming back regularly. Thank you! :)
a month ago
Braelyn was awesome! She guided me through the amazing amount of options Doctors Orders has to offer! Definitely recommend
a month ago
I love this shop! All of the employees are always so nice and got great vibes! So helpful!
a month ago
Sexiest shop around. First visit & Highly recommended. Don't even bother going elsewhere. These guys will take care of you, big time! Beyond honest, extremely friend. This is the kind of shop I enjoy spending my hard earned money at. Did I mention their pricing is phenomenal... Hell yeah!!!
2 months ago

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