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Ripoff artists. Vendors DO NOT give this greasy tiny little thief anything without payment in CASH
Oh my god. Why did I go here?? I know why, I had a panic attack and wanted something to help me get to sleep. Never again. $12 a gram for actual, legit shwag. Worst weed in Portland. I can find street weed for cheaper and better quality. The guy who was there was stoned out of his mind – he kept saying he needed to sign in the new people but there were no new people, just people leaving but he confused the door sound every time. I bought a gram of the worst weed I've gotten anywhere in Portland at any time in my life. It's old, dry, looks like it broke off a brick from Mexico. To add to it, the guy didn't put any info (legally required info...) on the little container so I don't know what I even have. The atmosphere is horrible, it's like being in someone's living room. A couch with a blanket that the the guy working clearly had been laying on while watching Netflix on the TV. The guy who helped me gave me no info on anything, things I asked about he just told me the THC and left it at that. Didn't offer it to me to smell or look at. I seriously would rather have just had a sleepless night than have gone here. Whoever was working on 12/23 at 10PM... I have no idea how you have a job. Or how this business stays open. Do yourself a favor and NEVER GO HERE. It doesn't even show up on Leafly which says a lot, too. Ugh. Never again.
Love the ppl and love the buds plus great prices see you guys later today and tomorrow and every day after that lmao
Super shady place and the two males who were working when i went were also super shady. Atmosphere was horrible. They did not even say hello or welcome, come on in etc... just grabbed my id and walked away. Don't understand why they can't even clean the place much less give the inside a bit of paint. They had maybe 12 kinds of sub par weed and that's it, as in nothing else, the cases are empty. I would never go there again. They suck.
Place has came along way since they opened and they are always getting better. They handle situation's very well. Great selection of products, for small space. I have seen from 18 to 40 kinds of flowers, they seem to have kinds that other places don't have and they try there best to get in what you request. local mom and papa place very comfortable atmosphere.

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