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I always have an excellent experience at curaleaf. They keep up their stock on Leafly, they have some great deals($40 oz) and very knowledgeable staff. Will be returning. 10/10 would recommend.
7 months ago
Idk if it was change in owners but when they were Spark they had cheap zips that were like “ thats only $60??” Now, their cheap zips are like “ yeah that’s definitely worth $60” - seed city baby! They’re Hella cool in there though.
3 months ago
Holy smokes! This dispensary had some fire lemon skunk from uku farms. $60 oz! And they refunded my ATM fees! Definitely my new favorite spot.
5 months ago
My new favorite dispensary, everything in this store is super dank, and amazing prices for such quality and they have a rewards program. Every other dispensary in the Portland Oregon area needs to step up their game because this one sets the bar pretty “high”
6 months ago
Love this place! I have been a customer here since the name change (originally Spark dispensary) and tbh ever since the name change they've had better deals. Not sure if they got new owners or if they just changed the name. But they still have $75oz (main reason I go there) and have $55oz every now and then. Small store but good variety.
9 months ago

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