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Collective Awakenings is the premiere OMMP patient information and resource center located in Northeast Portland.


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I shopped here like 10 months ago or so on a trip from Utah. They gave me a lighter with my purchase emblazoned with their logo and phone number. It was cute. I tried to conserve its lighter fluid to remember what buying legal weed was like. Anyway, I washed it in my pants pocket just like two minutes ago. I pulled it out of the wash when it was soaked and guess what... it lit up. The lighter still works. This company knows what they're doing and their product is top notch.
Im a grower inbetween crops and in a pinch... Decided to try a few places today. After leaving 4 other establishment for tryimg to sell me 6 month old outdoor weed.... I went here. Good pot sure.... Top shelf on a few varieties BUT WAY OVER PRICED $18g! $60 an 1/8?i bpught 2 g of top notch fire. Got home. One kind was kinda hermaphrodited and were seed pods. But you will not see unless you crack the nugs open. Very disapointed overall. I will stick to the black market. All the excuses of testing and taxes is BS! I voted to legalize to make it more affordable. This is NOT what we voted for! Get real people! The black market will flourish with my business and many others. The staff was very knowledgeable and very understanding of my gripe. Very friendly people. I would definately go there again in a pinch. Or between crops of my own.
Been to many pot shops around the city, but this place is it. Incredible, totally unique atmosphere. Knowledgeable, friendly staff. And then to top it off, the best bud I have ever bought. Absolutely amazing product. Covered in trichomes and sappy sticky. It comes at a premium price, but if you walk in and order the daily special, it is totally affordable. This is my go to shop now. Love it.
I love this place! Great prices and excellent products. The staff is amazing. When i go to Portland i always make a trip here and i suggest you do the same!
Excellent experience. I saw the reptile in Google Maps and decided to go here. I walked in just in time to watch the receptionist feed Gary! She was nice and so was the guy who helped me. He didn't seem to mind that I'm from out of town and kind of geeking out on the amazing room! He was patient, polite and prepared to answer questions. If I lived here, it would be my regular spot. Thank you!

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