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Collective Awakenings is the premiere OMMP patient information and resource center located in Northeast Portland.


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The best most professional place for medical or recreational needs. The staff is knowledgeable about the product, current regulations and is peppy and ready to help find the product that is right for you! Everyone I know loves them, and is willing to detour on errands to get the better meds and service that is available only at Collective Awakenings.
I had the pleasure of visiting Collective Awakenings while I was out in Portland last week and I have to say it was one of the best dispensary experiences that I have ever had. I work in the cannabis industry and I have been to hundreds of dispensaries and rarely have I seen the level of knowledge and professionalism that was displayed by the staff during my visit. Kia and Candace were my bud tenders and they had an extensive knowledge of their products as well as the farms and labs they sourced their product from. It was so refreshing to be able to have an in depth conversation with a bud tender. Apart from the knowledgeable staff, the product that I purchased from Collective Awakenings was some of the best cannabis that I have ever consumed. If I could give this store more than 5 stars I would. If you are a true cannabis lover, Collective Awakenings is the dispensary for you in Portland.
This used to be my go-to pot shop for almost two years. Recently seems the management has changed or something along those lines. This dispensary used to be notorious for their medical specials and spot light Sunday.... I checked today and the weed I wanted wasn't on sale.... just to find out it was on super sale and now they're sold out. Well you've lost this customer for life now. because I check your website everyday even during my break-up. Now I go-to Archive. I wish you all the best and hopefully your management team gets whatever issue they have with providing quality pot to Portland. Also FreeJay Friday you could have sold us a joint for a penny DUH. Highly disappointed once a Promoter now a Detractor. And if you fire a budtender please don't do it at "not liberty to say" when fired you deserve to know.
Collective Awakenings was one of the very first dispensaries in Portland. It is probably my favorite dispensary of all time. I love the life-sized tree in the lobby and the earthy, organic feel to the decor. The bud tending stations are gorgeous, and constructed of all wood and beautiful display cases. They print out classy menus featuring the offerings, with a description that really helps people make purchasing decisions at their leisure, and allows people to educate themselves privately. The staff is all extremely friendly and very knowledgeable about their products. It is an excellent store for medical patients, as everything they offer is of top-quality, and the staff really know what they are talking about. I definitely recommend this store to anyone hoping to have the ultimate Portland cannabis experience! Everyone should check this shop out at some point. I love it! Thanks guys, Sarah :)
I shopped here like 10 months ago or so on a trip from Utah. They gave me a lighter with my purchase emblazoned with their logo and phone number. It was cute. I tried to conserve its lighter fluid to remember what buying legal weed was like. Anyway, I washed it in my pants pocket just like two minutes ago. I pulled it out of the wash when it was soaked and guess what... it lit up. The lighter still works. This company knows what they're doing and their product is top notch.

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