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The Southeast Portland Chalice Farms store is located on the border of the South Tabor/Foster-Powell neighborhoods. We’re right next door to the historic Powell House Cannabis Club. Visit us on your way to up to the nearly 200 acre Mt. Tabor park, and enjoy the amazing views and abundance of flora and fauna. With a couple of great food carts nearby, and practically surrounded by renowned Portland restaurants, we’re the perfect beginning and end to your dining experience.

Chalice Farms is a seed to sale, lifestyle cannabis company based in Oregon. We are focused on inspiring the eternal search of the adventurous spirit - embracing community, wellness and lifestyle. At Chalice Farms we strive to provide the highest quality flower, and a variety of locally-sourced extracts and edibles, in our retail stores. You will find modern and open floor plans, in each of our locations, featuring custom-made live edge burl wood furniture, along with a clean and welcoming atmosphere, making your shopping experience both unique and memorable. 

At Chalice Farms, our friendly and knowledgeable Product Specialists are ready and willing to offer the suggestions that best suit your individual needs. We are proud to partner with fellow Oregonians, Mary Jane’s House of Glass, featuring a wide selection of their beautifully made, one-of-a-kind glass works of art. We also offer dedicated parking spots, we’re wheelchair accessible, and since we are cash-only, you’ll find our onsite ATMs make your checkout a breeze. Discounts are available for OMMP members, and as a thank you to our veterans and seniors we extend specials discounts to those folks, as  well. Ask your Product Specialist for details.


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Other Reviews

CHALICE FARMS FIRED ME FOR HAVING ASPERGERS!!! In case anyone was wondering, recently I was fired from my job as a product specialist. A job I relocated for. Dropped everything and took an offer for a future helping people. I have never been better at a job. I was beyond professional. I was promoted TWICE but never saw an actual raise or title. I was force transferred to a place where people are getting robbed for prerolls. I was fired my second day after the "promotion". Why? For being too unprofessional! What??? I asked constant details about this promotion which was first called compliance, then supervisor, then demoted to bud tender over night! They would give me no details on title, pay, responsibilities, or reasoning. When I asked corporate members they would tell me awful things about chalice and about left coast connections and why not to transfer from the airport location. Including that chalice is sending people to secretly turn in any dispensaries seen as competition for non compliant behaviors they see. After firing me the VP herself told one of those corporate people I quit violently because of what they told me. I WAS FIRED. They gave me a check with no money to cash that froze my bank account for 11 days for fraud. I couldn't eat. Pay phone bill. Pay rent. I've been too shamed to leave my apartment in Portland and afraid of rejection to the point of paralysis to even attempt applying for a job. I was amazing at assisting to relieve ailments. CHALICE FARMS FIRED ME FOR HAVING ASPERGERS. I will never support them or anyone involved with them and will continue to let people know who they really are and what they're really doing. What they did to me.
Just not my kind of place. But if you like your weed fancy... this is exactly that.
Dealt with an individual who couldn't manage to hold it together because of a song that was playing that reminded him of his girlfriend. Trusting that he was listening to what I was saying he still managed to give the wrong strain. I left and had to come back to explain to the manager who then told me they do not allow exchanges per old. I come here about once a month and have never had this issue. Check your product to ensure you are receiving the correct product you played for.
Friendly staff, really cool interior. Very knowledgeable and easy going
The quality and prices are a higher than similar dispensaries. They also have a strange self manufactured vapor pen. They never explained that it takes 5 clicks to turn off or turn on and 3 clicks to change the temperatures. They also did not test the cartridges like other dispensaries to be sure they worked. I would suggest that with so many choices that the buyer look elsewhere.

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