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A very friendly dispensary. Very helpful to new folks who don't know what they're doing. The selection seems to be good.
4 months ago
Great selection of quality products and friendly, knowledgeable staff.
2 weeks ago
I would have rated higher if the bud tender hadnt decided to add 4$ to the hash clearly labled and advertized at $36..
2 weeks ago
Friendly staff, great selection, and competitive pricing. I dropped them a star because the staff guided me away from the price point I asked for/misquoted me prices, and then seemed annoyed when I didn't want to pay 20% more than what I had wanted/been quoted. I also deducted a star for not being able to reuse the plastic containers I brought in. That's a deal breaker for me. The planet has an obvious environmental crisis and not even this Progressive Portland pot shop will do the little things to reduce our impact. Sad.
2 months ago
They advertise only one price and don't specify rec or med on leafly. Only place I've experienced this. They only advertise med prices but don't tell you until you go in. And then feed you a BS excuse that was just not true???? Essentially bait and switch. The oil i went there for was soaked into the lids so I'd been losing product as well. Np I've experienced that before but was always offered a discount (makes sense) else where. No attempt to secure my business. Weird vibes. No integrity. Won't be back. In the end I found the oil I was seeking and was able to get an extra gram for only $2 more then what this place wanted...
3 months ago

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