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At Cannabliss And Co. we strive to deliver not only the best service, the best medicine, but also, the best experience possible. We are one of Portland’s first dispensaries and have done our best to meet and exceed all expectations through our years of servicing the community.  We offer a wide range of products fit for every ailment as well as every budget. Our staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We hope your having an an amazing day, and look forward to seeing you soon.


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No matter how my day is going, it is always better after walking into the Fire Station. Everyone is very welcoming and available to answer any questions I may have. I enjoy the stains they have to offer and I am never disappointed in their top shelf supply. I am certainly lucky to have moved into their neighborhood.
Cannot beat the prices. Nice selection and helpful, friendly staff. My favorite place.
The colored hair girl, Sara, is AMAZING. The staff is awesome. The bud is awesome. Best dispensary in town.
I just want to make it known that the girl Sara who works here .. is amazing and very knowledgeable and informative. If you’re looking for good prices and a great staff look no further !
Worst weed store I've been to. The second room, where the weed is was REALLY hot, no AC, no chairs. They just help whomever, not who was next. After waiting for what seemed like 20 minutes, the rude little girl behind the counter asked if my small, well behaved dog was a service dog. If he had not been, I would have stood in that stifling room waiting for nothing. If that's an issue, then why don't they ask that when you walk in. She then proceeded to ask me what he did for me, which is legal, but is also pretty much asking what your disability is. It was embarrassing. First and last time here for me.

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