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At Cannabliss And Co. we strive to deliver not only the best service, the best medicine, but also, the best experience possible. We are one of Portland’s first dispensaries and have done our best to meet and exceed all expectations through our years of servicing the community.  We offer a wide range of products fit for every ailment as well as every budget. Our staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We hope your having an an amazing day, and look forward to seeing you soon.


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Worst weed store I've been to. The second room, where the weed is was REALLY hot, no AC, no chairs. They just help whomever, not who was next. After waiting for what seemed like 20 minutes, the rude little girl behind the counter asked if my small, well behaved dog was a service dog. If he had not been, I would have stood in that stifling room waiting for nothing. If that's an issue, then why don't they ask that when you walk in. She then proceeded to ask me what he did for me, which is legal, but is also pretty much asking what your disability is. It was embarrassing. First and last time here for me.
Terrible selection, even though they have a ton of different strains. All the herb was low quality, many with lots of stems and poorly trimmed buds. We tried to pick out a few things, the cannabis we came home with is something I would have been embarressed to grow myself. One package the bud tender weighed out in front of me had pieces of stems that didn't even have any bud on them. Another strain tastes like chemicals and gave me a headache. I won't be coming back to this dispensary.
Very helpful staff, good selection and specials! Thanks for taking care of us!
If these guys understood business a little better, and had more empathy, they would refund their customers when their product is faulty. They didn't. And now I will never come back.
The bud is okay but the guy at the counter was very rude when I came in. They have a driveway with two spots right in front of the shop. I park, go in, and he says I'm not supposed to park there but it is okay this time. I mention that if they don't want people to park there, consider placing a sign out front to make it obvious since it definitely looks like a parking spot. He then proceeds to tell me I am rude without even making eye contact and continues to check me in. Definitely not off to a great start. I work in customer service and have worked in this industry before. If this is how that guy reacts to a totally valid comment, then I think his days are numbered. Unfortunately he made the whole operation look bad. The budtender was friendly enough, but nothing was really labeled and the menu was disorganized. All in all seems like a bit of a hodgepodge operation and I won't be going back.

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