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We work hand and hand with farmers allowing them to have an opportunity to be promoted and appreciated from our dispensary and from our patients. All of our farms have completed all regulations in testing the medicine that they bring to us to provide to the patient under ORS 333-008-1190.


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2 weeks ago
This is a quality focused shop. I see a lot of reviews here complaining about the prices, but if you want cheap nasty stuff, there are plenty of other options like Kaleafa. This dispensary stocks good quality flower and dabs. Prices rise and fall because it is an agricultural commodity, and lot of consumers just don't understand that.
a week ago
Used to love this place. I get my weeks worth every Monday and this Was the best place for the best prices. But not for the last month or two. I went from spending $40 to spending $70 and I didnt even get a better quality. Cannadaddys has gotten really expensive. Everything you find here is at least $5 more than just about every other place. I will not be returning. Kaleafa is waaaaay better for low budget smokers and the quality and selection is immensely better. I love the staff here but i can't afford $30 extra for good staff. They were way friendly down the road too... I'm genuinely sad about having to switch but I cant afford not to. Oh yeah, and the rewards program is a joke. They never ask you to sign in EVER and they have nowhere to do it yourself in the entire 2 years I have come here I have only gotten 3 rewards.
a month ago
The flower in this shop is over priced and not high quality. Nectors 6 dollar grams are higher quality then there "top shelf". They have a decent selection but for dollars to quality it's just not there.
3 months ago
I love coming here. Super friendly staff. Always happy to answer any and all questions. Just a super welcoming place. They have one of the biggest selections of oil i have ever seen, and that alone keeps me coming back. The amazing atmosphere is just such an awesome bonus. Thanks for being so awesome! :)
8 months ago

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