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Conveniently located in two neighborhoods, Botanica provides a wide selection of cannabis options for the medical patient, and an excellent selection of flower specifically catered to our recreational consumers. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and customer service, seeking to help you experience cannabis in the best way possible.


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I have post traumatic stress disorder and cannabis is how i survive my own mind. I have been to many dispensaries but it seems to be the same at most places now that it is legal, high prices and staff that are condescending...... But not at botanica the prices range from 6bucks a gram to the higher end 15. And the staff are kind and well informed. I go out of my way to shop there just because the staff is wonderful and i know there will always be effective medicine at a fair price.
This place always has good deals. High quality cannabis, friendly staff, affordable prices in the buckman neighborhood of Portland. What more could you ask for ? No, really, what more could you ask for !
Within walking distance, Fast reliable, friendly service. Almost never runs out of flowers in stock.. the reason I only gave a four star is because ,I've most always had to remind them of my discounts.. It's also be told to me by staff. If there's a flower that I want, but just can't find it in there store if I know the manufactures name, I can give it to them and they will supply it for me and even call when it's in stock....
I live right down the street from Botanica, and so I come here all the time. The staff are super friendly, and the buds are top-quality. The staff are very knowledgeable about the various strains which they have available. Every time I come in, they have something new and exciting to check out, so I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer. Even when I only have $6 or so, there is bound to be something dank I can afford. A+++
This is by far my favorite place to get CBD flower, oil and edibles in the city (their THC-heavy section is obviously more well-stocked, as is the case in all dispensaries, but unlike other places they actually have a wide variety of product to choose from). The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, they always have great recommendations based on what I tell them my desired effects are, and everything is reasonably priced. I love coming here, I love that the atmosphere is clean and feels almost cabin-like inside, and I love how conveniently close to my house it is! Twenty joints in the air!

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