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Bloom is Portland’s Premier Medical and Recreational Marijuana dispensary. Located in the Eliot neighborhood in Northeast Portland directly across from the Nike Factory Outlet on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

At Bloom, we are committed to providing the highest quality marijuana. We work closely with all of our growers to ensure the highest quality products from seed to sale.  Our facility’s style and security, combined with our extensive knowledge and compassion, has raised the standard for marijuana dispensaries in Oregon.

We exercise our commitment to our community by obtaining all of our products from local sources. Our growing selection of product and our commitment to obtaining only the finest flower, edibles, concentrates and hard goods will ensure that all of our patients find the appropriate remedy for their specific needs.


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$24 Quarter Ounce of Permafrost
Tax Included
$6 Flower Grams
$10 Off for Every $250 Spent
$10.00 OFF


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Other Reviews

I rarely write reviews, but I somehow felt compelled to write this, as Bloom proved itself to be absolutely lovely - in every aspect. I decided to utilize their delivery service. And as I finished placing my order on their site, I quickly realized that I had placed an order for pick up. Mortified, I called them, and spoke to a gal who didn’t make me feel like a complete dope for doing what I had done. She responded with kindness, and she assured me that it was a simple fix. Ten minutes later, it’s been rectified. My order was here in a prompt manner, and the driver was just wonderful. Thank you, Bloom, for providing me with stellar product and a great experience!
To be honest I've been two times. The first I found some bomb that wasn't badly priced. The second time I went I found that the top shelf stuff was $58 8th witch was kind of shocking, but I figured it must be some straight murder so out of curiosity I asked to check a couple different stains out. No bs I grow outdoor bud and know what's indoor compared to outdoor. Don't get me wrong some outdoor can be fire. But this was not the case with there top shelf outdoor. To be honest it kind of blew me away at how trash the bud was. There was a couple stains that were good but there was a couple that were straight outdoor. Only reason I'm giving two stars is I got 3 pre rolled for $24 and it was some fire in it.
Really great Top Shelf Selections. A bit higher prices than other places but good flower. They have a loyalty program, too
If you are elderly and a Veteran they will give you a 10% discount on each, the only dispensary in PDX that will. They will also give you $10 off when you have reached $250 in purchases, also the only store that will. They also have high quality flower e.g. Hawaiian when available and also have 1 gram joints regularly on sale for around $6.
I think the place is a little bit too high. You can get a lot of the same things at different dispensaries for a lot cheaper. I was told there that you pay more but that there is was higher quality. after Consulting a friend I found out that that wasn't true. When they tried out what the dispensary had to offer at a very high price they told me it was no better than what they had less cost got a different dispensary. So when it comes to things like this I think that in my opinion that you go where everybody else is going you check the listings in the local papers and find out where everybody else goes. If everybody's going there should be the place to be. And I kind of noticed that their parking lot is pretty empty. I think if they brought their costs down that might fill up the parking lot a little bit.