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Customer service is excellent and they have competitive prices. Not as huge of a selection for flower but they make it up in Edibles and cartridges. There cartridges are well priced too. This shop is a little smaller and depending of the time of day you might have to stick around up front for a bit. Great shop still recomend to folks, but for me though because i buy primarily flower i took off a star because of selection and prices. Though i will say again their prices are competitive so i don't feel like i spend a whole lot when i do stop by. This is a place i will poke my head in again.
2 months ago
The best and tastiest ounce deals and the friendliest staff. Say no more ??
2 months ago
Just moved into the neighborhood and have tried to go several times during the posted first hour of business, but they were closed. Saw that they were open at the crack of noon today so I stopped in. This place is SKETCHY. ALL of the product is pre weighed and packaged so you don't know what you're getting looks like or if you are actually getting the weight you pay for. I literally live around the corner and will be going elsewhere. This place operates like a drug dealer, not a cannabis business.
3 months ago
Every time I've come in to Be Wonderful, I've had great customer service. The staff is super responsive. They always help me find whatever I'm interested in trying. Thank you for always being wonderful!
4 months ago
My boyfriend and I have been meaning to check out this dispensary for awhile now, we are disappointed in ourselves for not going in soon. The atmosphere is laid back, helpful staff, great weed, as well as an awesome selection. They always answer the phone and are extremely polite. We are more than satisfied every time we go in. I’d like to give a shout out to the owner Brian, he has a great vibe and is very helpful. I wish I could see more people like him as cannabis vendors. Another shoutout to the security officer Matthew, chill, quite funny, and very welcoming. Highly recommend this place.
5 months ago

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