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Portland is a wonderful city where goodwill is given freely by many. That's why our patients are all so special to us! Every day we go home smiling having met so many unique people. As thanks, we strive to provide a warm atmosphere where folks can feel at home and take their own pace choosing the perfect medicine.

We cater to all and want each person to have their version of a perfect experience. We carry a wide variety of medicine so that you can find out what really works for you.

There is no lengthy wait at Today's Herbal Choice. Most new patients are shopping a minute or so after entry.  We try to make each facet of our dispensary convenient so feedback is crucial. If we use your suggestion we will thank you for it!!!


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Other Reviews

Incredibly friendly staff, great prices. Will be returning 100%
a week ago
My favorite dispensary in town. They have a great selection of all products and really personable, knowledgeable bud tenders. They carry a lot of premium, highly potent flower and pre-rolls that other places don’t usually have.
2 weeks ago
Excellent bud tending!.. Penny wise. ??
3 weeks ago
I worked here for a spell, so be prepared for some bias. I’ve also been to many of the nearby dispensaries, and still rate this one highest. Great flower selections (that they let you smell and examine) at great various price points, great pre-rolled joints (in-house), friendly and helpful bud tenders, and great selection of RSO, tinctures, concentrates, edibles, and cartridges. It’s spacious, unpretentious, relaxed, and feels like a neighborhood stalwart, faithfully serving your 420 needs. Also, they have daily deals and loyalty points/rewards. They used to take cards but it is now CASH ONLY again.
3 months ago
Better than average customer service and weed quality. Good prices seal the deal. One of my top choice dispensaries in SE.
4 months ago

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