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Portland is a wonderful city where goodwill is given freely by many. That's why our patients are all so special to us! Every day we go home smiling having met so many unique people. As thanks, we strive to provide a warm atmosphere where folks can feel at home and take their own pace choosing the perfect medicine.

We cater to all and want each person to have their version of a perfect experience. We carry a wide variety of medicine so that you can find out what really works for you.

There is no lengthy wait at Today's Herbal Choice. Most new patients are shopping a minute or so after entry.  We try to make each facet of our dispensary convenient so feedback is crucial. If we use your suggestion we will thank you for it!!!


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Other Reviews

I've been to several dispensaries around portland and this is my new go to! They have a good variety of quality product and I always feel like I'm getting a great deal. The staff is very helpful, friendly and professional. 10/10 will be returning often!
Always a pleasure, super friendly and knowledgeable staff always steer me the right direction.
I bought a half a gram of live resin from Attis on Gladstone, it was thirty dollars, which is very expensive, but I was looking to treat myself on this day. I brought it home and took a small taster, and it tasted like stale material. So instead of taking a load-off and relaxing that night, I instead didn't smoke at all. I buy a ton of oil all around Portland, and I've had several bad experiences over the years (Im medical) and whenever I do have a bad experience, the retailers are always so helpful in making my experience the best. In fact, most places have sympathy for patients who take home a product and are not satisfied, in the past I've been upgraded as a result of a bad experience. This is the opposite of what happened this time. They told me "theres nothing they can do" and "once I've tried it, I can't return it"... This is confusing, I actually work in the industry, and I know for a fact that once a product has left the premises, it cannot be returned, and be put on the shelf again, even if it was unopened. That largely goes against testing standards. This "rule" seems to be put in place, so they don't have to deal with returns period. What a bummer, now I'm stuck with this distasteful trash, trust me I'm not too picky, but when it comes to live resin, you want something that doesn't taste like an antique store. I hope Attis takes my bad experience in consideration, and changes there policy so this doesn't happen to customers in the future. Peace

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