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Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable people working there. I would recommend it to friends.
Great service & product! Problem is that the store is closed because of licence problems. Call first. If open, it is worthy of your business.
I used to buy from this store quite a lot, but now it's seems like they're less convient when it comes to product placement. Most of the time I go in to check things out, they only have 5 choices of strains. Maybe it's because of the commute that comes in to the store or they are only getting a limited amount of products to sale. There's more of a selection of chips then they'res weed, probably have more joints rolled up then the average store. And the last couple of times I went to the store I felt like I've been getting less of the amount I would've gotten if i went to another store. One time, I went in getting a gram, the net weight that was written down listed it as (1.02), I come home and put it on my scale and it comes out (.8) Costumer service is a flaw to point out as well. Since it seems like most of the bud tenders are not really the talkative type and just seems like they just in there to past the time. I've noticed a lot of times I'm in there that some employés just want to you get what you want and go, instead of really giving they're insite. If you want to beat these odds. I suggest you call in to the store instead of just walking in. It's better to know what they're giving you instead of walking in and feeling somewhat disappointed when you realize that they'res not much of selection. Despite all of the cons. I'll still come and support the store since it's local to my area.
That Raspberry Kush though!! We asked for the best Indica they had and were not disappointed ;) Yummmmm!
I love this place not only as a patient, but also vendor. The staff are always polite and willing to answer any question. Top notch!

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