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Arriving at Alternative Solutions you're greeted by our full shop wide mural that brings the beautiful forests of the Portland area right to you.

We have been here since 2011 and only carry locally sourced products. Alternative Solutions Team strongly believe in taking the time to learn out customers needs and desires for their high and do everything we can to pair you correctly with a great product/strain.

Come in and meet our knowledgeable and friendly staff, who are happy to answer questions about our strains and prices!

With over 90 strains of flower on our shelves, a variety of edibles, glass and silicone smoking pieces, and great choices of high quality oil cartidges, come in and let us help you find the best solution for your needs that we can.



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$5 Half Gram Pre-Rolls


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Other Reviews

This is the number 1place to me.and I've been to a lot of them. Pre rolled are what I get good price??keep up the good work
5 months ago
We are a group of deaf growers and We sold them products 2 years ago. They refuse to pick up their phone, take our calls, return emails or communicate with us. They refuse to pay us and say that they “Destroyed” our products. Shady business! Don’t support them and don’t sell to them unless you want to get ripped off!
5 months ago
The female “manager” doesn't have good customer skills pretty snobby and overly confident but overall they have okay deals Their farmers could trim their bud better, more stems and leafs than bud .
a month ago
They have the trashiest weed and the worst manager up there.... the lady manager don’t do nothing but sit around and harass customers about being “nice to her employees” she has no good customer service skills.. I’ve been a loyal customer for awhile so it’s crazy I never get treated as a loyal customer. Being positivity can change a whole experience and the manager is always stuck up like you owe her something. I do not recommend you will waste your time and they increased the prices but didn’t upgrade to better weed !
3 months ago
Absolutely love this place... Great deals, great strains and the staff is always extremely helpful
3 months ago