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Our mission at Alberta Green House is to provide healing to all parts of your life through alternative medicine. We believe treatment for the malady should be holistic; care for the ailment while emphasizing the connection of your body, mind, and spirit.

The wellbeing of our patients is important to us, which is why we protect them by providing an affordable alternative to the unhealthy conditions of the illegal market. Undoubtedly, we help each patient who comes through our doors feel valued, cared for, and respected. 


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I will give a 5 star today for the customer service issue they resolved for me without any grief. I didn't purchase any flower here, but was sold a Select Strain oil cartridge that had a defect and fell apart on me. Like a dummy I didn't keep my receipt...After describing the situation, and who sold it to me they spoke to management and replaced it. I had used almost half of a full gram cartridge and they replaced the whole thing and didn't have to. Due to how they handled this situation, I will go back. Thanks!
The weed is dry and over priced and the staff is weird and unfriendly. Go somewhere else!
Really bad selections, customer service was odd. There wasn't a menu to look at to compare prices, levels of THC, CBD, CBN. I asked for a menu but the tender told me that they go through so much product they can t print them. Lame, I've been to a lot of dispensaries and this was very disorganized. The flower looked really crummy as well. Sorry for the bad review folks but step up your game with so much competition.
They changed the entire staff and hired the most uncomfortably high-strung and condescending new set of budtenders. The music is too loud and not relaxing. As someone who smokes for anxiety, I all but shut down due to the atmosphere. The holographic artwork perpetuated the anxious ethos, relative to the old art that was fun and actual art. The overall feel reminded me of buying from a dealer as a teenager - very unprofessional and overdone. I used to patron this place at least once a week. It'll be tough for me to go back.
Staff is super friendly! I noticed that they don't take kindly to creepy customers such as Davin Chase here who complains about customer service... maybe if you were a good customer! Ha Ha will be coming back soon (;

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