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Wayne (budtener) has mad skills and knowledge.
2 weeks ago
Not really a fan of this place. They do have a lot of different products and a wide selection of them. It just felt cold and impersonal. Pretty much hurry up, buy your purchase, on to the next customer.
a month ago
I love this place, I honestly need to go here more often. They have great prices on oil cartridges and weekly deals. And they have very friendly staff to top it off.
2 months ago
Great quality and wide variety. A bit on the pricey side, but for good reason once you see the perfect buds
a month ago
I would not go there again if you paid me! After an 8 hour drive from Cali and first time in any Oregon shop I am more than disappointed. Wide selection of product but not precisely top shelf. Everything was machine trimmed. Definitely overpriced, and I don't care what time it is, still your job to help people and be polite. Pretty rude and very snooty. The guys was putting my flower on the scale and I see him picking out the little tiny popcorn buds??lame. So I spoke up and said my preference is the bigger bud. He snaps at me that's just gonna have a big stem in it fine if you want a big stem. I left with just over 2 grams and it cost me 43 plus tip. Double lame.
5 months ago

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