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They have a wide selection of prices and quality of products, which is nice when you're broke, but this is definitely NOT a destination spot for out of towners; its the type of place to size you up and give you the quality of product that you appear to expect... ie: if you don't look like you're local or a regular smoker, you MIGHT be sold lesser quality bud instead of solid nugs or have inferior, hard to move product encouraged.
in the last week
Beast place in the valley for selection by far great people that know what there talking about
3 weeks ago
I've been to quite a few Cannabis stores and I think I like this one the best. There's a sign for each flavor it tells you with color codes whether it's a sativa or a indica or a hybrid. The price for each size how much THC or CBD it has in it. I really love to see all the big jars of flower that they have. I didn't count but I bet there was probably almost 30 jars. Their other products are similarley marked. The owner is a woman and I think it shows in how beautifully the store is decorated and kept so clean. Our budtender Nick was friendly and very helpful and patient. I'm sure we will be returning many times.
a month ago
I dig this place. It's groovy with the selection. And the staff are friendly n helpful with my recreational products.
a month ago
I love this place, I honestly need to go here more often. They have great prices on oil cartridges and weekly deals. And they have very friendly staff to top it off.
3 months ago

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