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Never again! The old dude has NO boundaries. Females beware and DO NOT GO HERE ALONE. I hope no one is made to feel the way I did. I was super uncomfortable the entire visit. I will drive to Eugene or go to phresh start before I ever put myself in that position again. Their weed isnt worth the “customer service” they seem to think is appropriate ??
2 weeks ago
Went in for a quick purchase. Have been in multiple times since its opened, never had issues. Boyfriend went in with a card a was told there was a 20 dollar minimum. Noone has ever said anything before like that. The owner was handling the counter and said that the other people were stupid. No owner should tell a customer something like that about their employees.
3 weeks ago
I will not be returning until the “new” guy is gone. This shop used to be one of the better businesses in this town but the last few people that have been hired make it a place to avoid. Since I don’t know how to respond to the “owners” response, I’ll do it here. No thank you sir. If a grown man can’t grasp the idea of basic manners, I’m not sure what will magically fix things. The first encounter with him I thought, maybe I was having a bad day and misjudged the guy. That certinaly does not seem to be the case. Every encounter has been the same and this last time was my last straw. I’ll go somewhere else until this individual has moved on. From the way he speaks of the dispensary, it doesn’t sound like he likes his job much anyways. Maybe that’s why he has such an attitude problem. Who knows, maybe I won’t return at all. I’m going to inform my friends in the community (and I do have quite a few in the area that shop with you) of the horrible experiences I’ve had at your dispensary. Which truly is a pitty. It used to be a great place and it has gone down hill fast!
3 weeks ago
I would have rated this a 5 before and I went to this location often. The flower has dried out so bad and I don't get the same twice, and I kept going there for another three weeks and finally stopped after after a lighter to the flower would just be ash. The staff are friendly the process is Slow, it takes me about an average of 10 to 15 minutes each time I go through here to get out and it sucks. Quality and processing time get a 1.
a month ago
I have never been more uncomfortable in a dispensary before. Between the lack of knowledge and the snobby attitude from the employees, I will never return. Not to mention OLD flower. Going to Eugene is far more with my time and dollar. So disappointing.
a month ago

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