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It's clean and big enough had a lot of types and people are happy to have ya there
The place has a great team of super friendly tenders. Prices are fair, but not as low as others in town. I don't like the whole "take a number" thing like DMV, but the place gets busy due to its location... Good stop for good bud though, no doubt
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, good selection, and pleasant atmosphere. Thank you Kacey for the fun and educational shopping experience. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
very helpful and knowledgeable staff. If you are unaware of the different types of herbs and their ingredients, they are very well and educating you and finding what fits you the best. Prices are good. Stock varies a lot, and I wish it could stay more consecutive, as I have found some that work for me really well, but when I go back they no longer have them.
I went there yesterday to get some oil and when when I went to grab money I was 4 dollars short and they didn't take cards. I was super embarrassed and re thinking my options, the had half a gram for 20 bucks but that wasn't a good deal.. the lady who was helping me took 5 dollars out of her tip jar and said "here, trade me". Such a nice thing to do, I said thank you so much and she was like "pay it forward, it's important" ?????? she was wearing small black framed glasses and had stretched ears and was wearing a bandana on her head

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