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Nice cannabis shop with a 'mom and pop store' vibe. Don't expect help from knowledgeable budtenders. But if you study the menu online and know what you want it's a good place to shop.
Honestly i was impressed when i first went in. They had anywhere between $6 a gram nugs. And i say nugs because some others in town gives you the left overs of popcorn bud. To $12 a gram nugs. The top shelf stuff looks so beautiful. But i settled with two different $6 a gram nugs it looks just as good. Nice and firm and average size about as big as my thumb To tip of my pointer finger. I am very impressed and i think i found my new bud store.
Good picking ask for sativa
Been to a shop in Battleground, WA & Roseburg, Oregon, freshest products BAR NONE is at North Bend 's POSITIVE VIBRATIONS. You don't get the "MYSTERY BLACK BAGS"... Up close & personal service. EARLY HOURS A PLUS!
BEST RECREATIONAL Shop around! The owner, Greg, often gives his personal attention and makes you feel right at home. Over a half dozen Top Shelf strains every time I've been in. Has a good glass selection as well.