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We are located in the beautiful town of Newport, Oregon right on Highway 101. Our budtenders will assist you with all aspects of cannabis from symptom relief to growing expertise. We educate ourselves regularly on our products to give you the highest quality of medication. Here at Medication Station, we are committed to compassion and quality customer service.

We have daily specials available to all including $5 GRAMS every Friday!


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Other Reviews

Little Mexican guy that works there is an idiot. Tried to tell me a bong "spreads the smoke" out to make it smoother instead of cooling it off. He also tried to sell me cbd for glaucoma relief. It's the thc that helps glaucoma! Definitely an over priced tourist trap. AVOID.
Special sales each day. The best budtenders! Many choices to choose from. Great Quality products.
I have been going here for two years now, this is the best bud-tending you will ever find on the coast! Employees are respectful, polite and knowledgeable about their products. Go talk to Frank if you need tips on what to get or if you have a particular medical condition. He is great at helping you pair your bud with your needs :)
Just fantastic to be able to legally buy pot!! Bud tenders were young but very well informed.
Great stuff! My favorite dispensary that I visited on the Oregon Coast. It seemed like the most popular also. A steady stream of customers every time I was there.

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